Thursday, September 11, 2008

News * Car trouble * Sneak * Cards

Again it's been a while since my last post, but... I've got a good reason for that!!! Since last Monday, I've got a job!!!!!!!!! Through some friends who helped me, I'm working at a printing and publishing company, and it's a nice start back in to the working world! Hard..... 8 hours a day, and as I haven't had a job in 2,5 years, that's pretty tough. This week I made 22,5 hours... standing on my 2 feet and boy, does that make you tired. But, you have to get used to everything again, it's nice to be out of the house and to meet new people, do something and earn my own money! The rest of the week I'm off, and even the whole next week..... all of a sudden there is not much work..... nice to get back into work..... a week off and no pay:-) Hopefully this won't last long, cause then I have to get used to it again ha, ha!


This morning I had planned to go to Brantford, needed some cardstock and... a new Crop-a-Dile because my dearest husband thought it was possible to use on a broken suitecase handle..... Well, I can tell you.... it is deffinately not possible! It broke.... and I could throw it out!

Ok.... we, Marloes and I, were almost out of Simcoe and all of a sudden the temperature meter of the car flew up into the red mark....... Man.... I was scared...... I know how to drive a car, but the technical part of it is abracadabra to me! Anyway, I parked the card, turned the engine of.... and sat..... thinking what to do... Decided to go back home, cause I don't like to have an overheated engine while I'm on the road, and....... my cellphone is at home!!!! As soon as I started the car.... back into the red the meter went....... shoot..... now I really started panicing and so was Marloes! On the way home is the garage, so I drove there and told my problem! "Yep" the guy said..... "look at the street...... the fluid is poring out of your car....this must be the radiator hose!" Sure...... stuff like that always happenes to me and I can tell you, it's not funny! I guess he felt sorry for me, took the car into the shop, got a mechanic and..... in half an hour it was fixed! Geez, I could kiss the guy!! My car worked again, no overheated engine anymore, pfew what a relief!! We could continue our roadtrip LOL Got my cardstock and a new Crop a dile, also I finally got my long wanted Heidi Swapp distresser, and...... I found the cutest stampset by Inkadinkado with all these cute Holiday whishes for only $ 11,--

Isn't it cute? I'm sure going to use this on my Christmas cards!


Here's a sneak of my Travel Journal! I started this before I got my job, had big plans but..... no time LOL.

Well, this up coming week I will have plenty, so hopefully I can show more soon!

And the last thing for today, 3 more cards I made last week.... always the same Christmas stamp, I know, it's the only one I've got:-)) But... if you use different pp on every card, it's just one of a kind don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Cheryl Wray said...

Congrats on your new job!!!!!! I hope it continues to go well!!

Je@net said...

Ha sis, super dat je een leuke job gevonden hebt!! Ik ben trots op je hoor!
En wat een pech met de auto zeg, wat zullen Marloes en jij geschrokken zijn!
Je Travel Journal sneak ziet er gaaf uit, maakt me nieuwsgierig naar de rest. En wat een leuke kaartjes!
Fijn weekend!!

eliane said...

jeetje met de neus in de boter met je nieuwe baan............gelijk heel veel uren.
tsjonge wat een pech met de auto gelukkig dat ie zo snel gemaakt kon worden.
Ben benieuwd naar je traveljournal.

Mireille said...

je travel journal ziet er fantastisch uit!!! Geweldig!!
Nu de rest! Common common!!

Anonymous said...

he meid van harte he met je baan!! jammer dat je nu weer een week geen uren kan maken, dan moet je weer opnieuw wennen!! haha en wat een pech met de auto man!! gelukkig is het nu weer klaar!! groetjes uit leeuwarden

Paula said...

Glad the job is going well.
I started mine 6 weeks ago & it comprises of 5 hours a day study including some of my evenings too as I am not qualified for the position.
Im quite suprised you hadn't realised I had a new job as I have mentioned it so many times on the blog starting with the Seek time minibook pages. I couldn't take another day in the old place & this job is far more money which makes up for the longer hours & the travelling as we have to go to another town everyday.

scrappy jen d said...

Hi Marjolein,
Tjeez......What a bad thing with the car! Must have been shocking....
Only the idea that the car can get on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful that everything went fine afterwards.
Just love the Or is it part of a LO?
The cards look great! Because you use other colors each time the stamp looks different, too!
I hope to receive one at X-mas!!
Lots of hugs, Jen.

Paula said...

Hope your feet are starting to feel a lot better & you are settling on more.
Are your colleagues nice people, do you have any?
Mine are lovely & make me feel really welcome.The only down side is I find crafting time limited to the weekend & the mojo isn't always willing!!!

Maria Jesus said...

Congrats on your job, hope your feet feel better.

your cards are beautiful, i like Tilda, i don't have any, but i like it :), well i will wait for your travel journal.

have a beautiful week


Peggy Severins said...

Oh die sneak is super ga maar snel verder dan kunnen we mooi ook de rest zien. Wat jammer dat je leuke dagje bijna werd verstoord. Toffe stempels hoor.