Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopping results, gifts and awards!

This is going to be a long post again, filled with pictures, but hey, I promised to show you everything I bought in Holland and the gifts I got from friends!

The first one, a part of the line by Creative Imaginations, with flowers and ribbons I got from my sweet sis Jeanet! I love it, and think I'm gonna use it for some wedding pictures!

This is the gorgeous neclace I got from Eliane after we had dinner at the Greek restaurant. It's a beautiful memory of her and that special night!

My dear friend Jenny gave me these nice scrapblock and embellishment! I like them very much and hope you'll see some work with it soon!

I bought these envelope maps and put all my clear stamps in them, decorated the binder with self adhesive decorating foil!

This I bought myself ha, ha, a nice line by My Mind's Eye, Garden Party and I know excactly what to do with it!

The clearstamps I had to have, love love love the owl stamp, wanted to have it for ages but couldn't find it in my LSS but could in Holland!

My former employer de Duif also sells Magnolia stamps and I adore these cute little girls! I got 2 as a gift from my "boss" Marian, and bought 2 myself and..... yesterday I........

....... made my very first Magnolia card!!! And the first Christmas card of this year too! Love it, and even with ordinary pencils it works out fine!

During our holidays I was given 2 awards! This one I got from Jeanet and Arianne, thanks girls, I love your blogs too!! I know the rules, and I know I'm supposed to pass these awards, but since it has been a while everybody I want to pass it on to, has already received one! So...... I just pass it on to everybody who visits my blog!

And another one I got from Nina!! Thanks so much girl, I love it, and for this award the same as for the one before....... everybody who visits, consider yourself awarded!!!

Ok, I think I showed and told everything I wanted.... back to reality and do some more laundry.... and hope that the garage calls soon, cause our car didn't want to start this morning!!! I need that thing to get around, had to go to Brantford today but no....... I can't! Please keep your fingers crossed that it's fixed soon and the bill is not going to be sky high!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


eliane said...

ik had ém nog niet hoor die award ....:)) Leuke kadootjes zeg !

hopelijk doet je auto het snel weer enne nog iets gehoord van je baan ??

tanja said...

zo zo das aardig wat! je koffer zal goed vol hebben gezeten!
groetjes tanja

Anonymous said...

Enne, heb je ook al foto's van je gekregen LO's gemaakt. Ben erg nieuwsgierig:)

Leuke spulletjes, kan je voorlopig weer voor uit.

Gr. Jacq

Mazina said...

Wat een leuke spullen allemaal! En die Magnolia stamps heb ik ook. Smile.


Je@net said...

Wat een leuke spullies heb je gekregen en gekocht sis!! Super!! Jij kunt weer lekker aan de scrap!!
En wat een leuk kaartje heb je gemaakt!! Mooi geworden met het Magnolia meisje!!

Mireille said...

jeetje.. heerlijk scrapgoed.. enne.. prachtige kaart!

Birgit said...

So much gorgeous stuff, looking forward to see what you create with all that! And have a great day too! :)

scrappy jen d said...

Boy, oh, boy,
What a goodies you got!
Great stuff for a great person!
Hope you enjoy it all!
The card is so cute!
Can't wait to see more sweet cards!
Have a nice day, Jen.

michelle said...

look at all that fabulous stuff! is that karen russell papers? can't wait to see everything you make with it!

Tjeerd en Kiki said...

Ik zie dat je weer helemaal 'thuis' bent, zelfs al aan het scrappen!
Het ziet er weer helemaal leuk uit, love the magnolia stamps!

Ennuh, die uil stempel, waar is die van? Die is geweldig!

Groetjes vanuit een nat Atlanta!

**SCRAP-GEK** said...

hey Marjolein, ben je weer helemaal gesetteld!!! je bent lekker verwend meis! en zelf heb je ook leuke dingetjes gekocht! gaaf hoor! en nu lekker scrappen!!!! :-) groetjes marije.

Margriet said...

Zo, je bent goed verwend! Jij komt de herfst wel door! Ik ben benieuwd naar al het moois wat hier uitvoort komt.

Elly said...

Heerlijk al die foto's van je nieuwe spulletjes!! Wat kan jij flink aan de gang voorlopig! We zullen de resultaten wel te zien krijgen! Enne... ik zal voor je duimen dat de rekening niet de pan uitrijst!

Christa said...

Hmmm wat heerlijk al die mooie spullen!!! Veel plezier ermee hoor, dat gaat vast en zeker lukken! Trouwens, waar hebben ze die enveloppen voor clearstamps te koop? Wel een goed systeem (voor als je er niet al teveel stempels hebt...)

Peggy Severins said...

Oh wat ben je toch verwend. Leuk spul hoor!

scrappermimi said...

Oh girl, lots of great goodies there! I just love that owl stamp...need to find one for me!

Hanneke said...

Jeetje, wat woon je een eind weg, ben via via hier belandt, leuk om alles te lezen, je hebt lekker ingeslagen! Mooie dingen maak je!

Mireille said...

Zo te zien heb je lekker ingeslagen. Altijd leuk! :-)

Leslie Ashe said...

HIIII there!! WHOA - that's quite a HAUL you have there from shopping!! You're MY kind of shopper!!

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog!! I just appreciate it so much!! I loved your message!

I hope you have a GREAT week!

Leslie Ashe