Monday, May 26, 2008

Working outside!

This weekend we've been busy outside, it was the first nice weekend, temperatures were not too high, so very nice to do something. Well, Henk did all the work, I went with him to buy plants and decorative stones to brighten up the outside space a bit!

In the front yard we have a Maple tree, and as we are completely re-decorating outside, (it's all soil now, we're going to seed new grass!) we thought it would be nice to make a circle around the tree. So we bought some scalloped curved stones and..... this is the result!

Mom, look, we've changed the stones next to the garage too, don't you like these a lot better? We do!

We got some perannials too, like this Korean Dwarf Lilac, which grows till about 1,5 metres!

More plants for on the deck, we filled up the pots we had outside, bought a new hanging basket too, and put one at the front of the house which looks very nice!

Marloes is doing co-op at the moment and has to make a project about her work. What's better than a scrapbook if you've got a mom with lots of supplies! So we decided to work on it on the deck, really nice, and we even got sunburned....... not so nice!

And, of course, with the two girls outside,I had to have some new photos of them together! This is one of them, I made more, but...... you have to wait to see those, I ordered them and am planning to make a layout with those photos. Got it all in my head, has to be put on paper now..... oops........


Je@net said...

Your garden looks great sis!! Love all the beautiful plants, looks very pleasant!
And what a funny picture of the girls!
Marloes; I'm sure your project is gonna be great!! Wish you luck!!

scrappy jen d said...

Marjo, Henk and girls,
What a nice yard you must have with all these colorful plants! Looks great the circle around the tree!
Boy.....Do these two girls get ladylike! Nice to see them so happy together!
Have a lot of fun overthere!
Hug, Jen.

michelle said...

looks beautiful out there right now! I wish I could grow things, everything I've tried to grow things, but they don't ever make it! have a great day!

Paula said...

Great to see you getting around better now. Looks like a nice day. My mate flies out to Canada today.
She is going to Vancouver but apparently her grandfather ws born in Simcoe, small world eh!
Would be great to see some more photos.

Michelle said...

Great to hear, that you have so nice waether! And what a pleasure to work in the garden, isn't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

ziet er weer leuk uit jongens!!! heerlijk he dat het weer mooi weer wordt en je in de tuin kan werken en natuurlijk BBQen!!! haha
groetjes fam. v/d schaaf

Elly said...

Het zonnetje straalt van de foto's af!~Je tuin ziet er al gezellig uit, op een gegeven moment krijg je gewoon de kriebels hè, en moet er gelijk van alles gebeuren! Lekker zo op je terras, die foto van je meiden is ook hardstikke leuk! Gaat het weer wat met je???

M@risk@ said...

Nice to work in the garden and look at the plant when they grow.

micayla said...

Gorgeous pics, I wish the weather here was nicer so I could enjoy the garden.