Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back on track!

Finally, after a week of being very misserable, with a bad cold, head full with cotton balls.... I feel a bit better! I had to, cause yesterday we had to go to London (Ontario that is, not England ha, ha) to the Dutch Consulate, for passports for the girls and Henk! Two hours after we left, we arrived, not good, cause the route description I had was wrong, sent us north instead of south LOL, we had to wait for about 20 min. for a railroad crossing, darn that train was soooo slow!

After the passport stuff was done, we decided to drive to Norwich and get some Dutch bread and other goodies, and as we were on the road anyway, Brantford was the next stop. Off to the Mall, I felt a bit guilty for being sick during March break, so we went shopping for a bit. Marloes bought a nice wintercoat. Her's was not that warm and you need a warm coat here!! This one was on sale, saved us $ 130,-- isn't that nice! Anouk didn't find anything she liked and felt kind of sad about it..... well, better luck next time, maybe she'll find some spring clothes!

After the Mall we stopped at the Scrapbookstore.... and I bought myself some yummie papers by Making Memories and Rhonna Farrer and Maya Road journaling spots, don't you just love them?

I couldn't resist these great Sassafras papers...... got the perfect photo for them, now all I need is some quiet time and my MoJo back!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Oops, forgot something very important to me!! Elly gave me an award, I like it very very much, and you really made my day by giving it! I know I have to give it to 4 more people, but I really have to think about that one,..... most of the girls got it already..... so you know what,.... if you think you've made my day after a comment I leave on your blog.... consider yourself awarded!!

Isn't it the cutest award? Since there is something wrong with the editing of my sidebar, I've removed another award I got some time ago, and placed this one on that spot!


Je@net said...

Love love love your new papers sis!!! They look all soooo yummie! Hope you find back your Mojo soon ;-)

ARIANNE said...

Met zulk papier moet die mojo wel terugkomen, kan niet missen!

scrappy jen d said...

Dear Marjo,

How wonderful you got yourself these fantastic papers and scrapbook-goodies!
I bet you hardly can't wait to start working!
I know it!
Lots of scrap-hugs, Jen.

Edleen said...

looks like you had fun shopping at the scrapbook store! Yummy stash there :)

Esther said...

Love your new paper. Can't wait to see what you will create with it.

Have a great weekend.
Love, es

SCRAP-GEK! said...

gave spullies joh...helemaal toppie! heel veel scrapplezier ermee! groetjes marije.

micayla said...

Love the new banner and that stash looks fab...........I need a stash shop urgently!!!!

Elly said...

Wat een supergave spulletjes!!! En die kleurtjes... helemaal yummie!

michelle said...

love those papers! and when you find your mojo, please, please please send some this way. you have my

Christa said...

Blij dat je je weer wat beter voelt Marjolein! Leuke dingen heb je gemaakt de afgelopen tijd en mooie spulletjes heb je gekocht!

M@risk@ said...

Mooi papier heb je gekocht en de journaling pads zijn super. Gelukkig dat je weer bent opgeknapt.

Paula said...

Nice new things should have you crafting soon. Hope you feel better its no fun being ill.
I have a lot of crafting but none I can share. I am going through a can't be bothered phase as I like to do inter team & forum stuff whihc can't be shown until the swaps take place. Precious little of anything else done!

Birgit said...

MMMM all those yummy goodies!! Especially those journaling spots! Have fun using all this!!