Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creativity.......not really from me!

I still don't know what happened to my MoJo, but it's so gone..... on the other hand, the weather has been great the last couple of days, so I actually don't mind! Love to sit outside on the deck, enjoy the sun and read.... another hobby of mine!
And, if we are outside, we love to make everything look a little nicer and more colorfull. So, Saturday we decided to finally make a nice border outside the back basement. All the grass and mudd that was there didn't make my windows look better, so... of we went and bougth some nice white marble stones and Henk started to take grass out and make the ground a bit level. Hard work, cause it was kind of warm:-)

This is how it looks now!

Sunday my neighbour told me that one of the garden centres had a great sale going on, 50% off of everything.. Wow, it would have been so nice to be able to spend about $ 1000.-- now... men, would we have bought a lot! But.... no leftover money here, so we bought this great Dracena, nice for outside in the Summer and in the Winter we just put it inside!

All these nice colorfull fluffy plants were so cheap, 48 for 10 bucks! Don't you just love the orange, red and yellow? Well I do!

And we also planted some veggies a couple of weeks ago, see that little tomatoe... oh yummy, that's going to be so nice in a salad!
And yeah,...... a strawberry, boy do I love those!! Wonder how much we get, cause the rabbits love them too, that's why they are protected now!

We are also groing green beens, cucumbers, zuccini's, radish and we even have a blueberrie plant! So, lots of creativity going on outside!!


Marloes had to do a project for her English exam, she could choose from a couple of things, as long as it had to do with the book they'd read "Of Mice and Men" She chose to make the barn and spent several days making it look nice!!

Here are some pictures!

Thanks for stopping by again and have a great day!


Fenny said...

Great work you done, both..!! And it's a long way from home but youre strawberrys are great. Lucky I'm not youre neighbour..!!

hugs, fenny

Anonymous said...

wow die tuin ziet er steeds mooier uit jongens!! had een tijdje niet gereageerd, maar ovlg het wel allemaal hoor!! marloes had het ook mooi gemaakt!! super en nu lekker genieten van de zomer he?? groetjes van jannie uit leeuwarden

Cheryl Wray said...

Your garden looks beautiful!!!!

scrappy jen d said...

Dearest Marjo,
How lovely your deck and garden looks allready!
I adore the project of your daughter! Looks so very sweet!
It'll come back, sweety! First enjoy the nice weather!
Have fun in the sun!
Big hug, Jen.

Je@net said...

Zo, dat ziet er weer gezellig uit zeg!!! En wat heeft Marloes er een leuk project van gemaakt! Ziet er goed uit.

Mireille said...

looking all lovely again!! Love your flowers... sending you some mojo hon!

linda loe said...

Ik hoop dat je snel je mojo weer ergens in een hoekje vind :-D

Klaske said...

Hai Marjolein,

Thanx voor je reacties op mijn scrapprojectjes. Ik stuur sinds kort lay-outs etc in voor challenges en het is altijd leuk om te horen dat mensen het leuk vinden... Had via jou blog (welke ik denk ik al ruim een jaar volg) al begrepen dat je oorspronkelijk uit L'den komt (ik woon er net buiten) en dat je bij De Duif hebt gewerkt (mijn favo scrapwinkel). De wereld is klein...


PS. Hoop dat je snel je mojo terugvindt!

Paula said...

I think it is good to lose the mojo sometimes because it gives the thought waves time to come up with something new & you can channel your creativity far better. Try looking at it in a different way, it you have good weather & a fab place to enjoy it so use the outdoors for some inspiration &recharge the batteries.

Mireille said...

Ik heb je mojo gestolen..ik geef het toe...ik lig wat aantal layouts betreft nu al een maand voor op vorig jaar. Ik word gewoon gek van mezelf...loop over van de inspiratie LOL ;-)

Micayla said...

So sorry it has taken me an age to start catching up. I have just been so bogged down with life, the computer has been left well alone.
I am also growing some stuff, just got lettuces, tomatoes and savoy cabbages at the moment but we are going to use Emily's baby bath to get some potatoes on the go and maybe some strawberries too. We are doing the garden very soon as it is just a weed haven at the moment and Emily loves the outside. Yours looks really pretty.
My mojo has gone too, I do have some layouts to share and have done 2 since I got back but I have just been so busy I have not had the time really so i am guessing no mojo is a good thing.
Well hoping you are well Marjolein, it has been good to finally catch up and hopefully it wont be so long between comments next time!

Anonymous said...

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