Sunday, November 02, 2008

Installing a shower and a card!

Finally another post, after a busy full work week, I had some relaxing time yesterday, did some shopping with Anouk, she needed a new Wintercoat and got 2 skinny jeans' too. Today Daylight saving time ended, so we had an extra hour of sleep, nice!!!!!!!

It's been a while that I showed you some pictures of the rebuilding we are still doing in the basement. This time of year is perfect for Henk to do some stuff there, and he did this weekend.

This is a corner in the bathroom downstairs, we are either building shelves there or by a nice cupboard to put towels and other stuff in. At the right side, you can't see it, is a toilet.

The vanity, tiles which were grouted yesterday and that makes it look a lot nicer. All the drywall has to be painted still, it's gonna be a kind of seablue, can't wait to see how it looks!

And this is the shower, it looked like this for a long, long time, Summer came..... no time to do stuff, so ........ we had to put the glass sides in..........

That was some work, the sides had to fit over the base which is on the walls, and actually, we needed extra hands, but... Henk and I both managed to get it right, so high five for us! Looks great doesn't it?

Then it was time to put the door in..... kind of difficult, so we needed Anouk to give us a hand, and that worked out perfectly fine! Henk is fixing something, no idea what to be honest LOL

And this is how it looks with the door closed..... and hubby didn't wanna get out, he was busy so... that's him you see! To make it extra funny it would be a great thing to turn the water on don't you think??? He, he! So, this needs some finishing touches, and then it's done. The drywall needs some mudding, and sanding, the most time taking work I think, and I guess by then we can start painting! So looking forward to the day it's finished, cause then we can do some shopping, by some nice matching towels and wash cloth's, some decoration...... Ah well, keep on dreaming, it'll happen and I'll keep you updated with pictures of what's going on.


This afternoon I finally had some "me" time, and lifted a Christmas card my sis made and showed on her blog a while ago! I don't think it looks as beautiful as hers, but.... that's because I don't have the papers she used! This is made with Basic Grey's Dasher, an old Winter line, but I still like it. Cut the Christmas trees myself, punched out stars, and used some K&Company's rub-ons for the "title". The longer I look at it, the more I start to like it! Got some more ideas, but not enough time left today, people here start to yell about supper...... Geez, give a girl some time...... gotto update here right?
Well, that's it for now, thanks for stopping by and have a great day! I have to work Monday and Tuesday and I think I'm off the rest of the week.... more "me" time coming?????


Chimene said...

Nou dat heeft Henk prachtig gemaakt!!!!
Mooie kerstkaart!!!
Groetjes uit Nederland:)

Manon Keir said...

It's gorgeous Marjolein!!

Looks like you've been busy, are you enjoying your new job???

Je@net said...

Ha sis, wat zijn jullie lekker druk zeg! Maar het wordt dan ook helemaal superdeluxe!! TOP!!
En je kaartje is hartstikke leuk joh! Gaaf dat BG papier. Werk ze van de week en hopelijk heb je nog wat vrije (scrap)uurtjes ;-)

Paula said...

Cool shower room.
Love the card I think the old papers are very much the best, the new ones try to be too trendy & modern & Im a traditionalist I love blues & whites & green & reds.
Hope you get your me time.

Riet said...

wat een prachtige kaart weer Marjolein.

en jullie zijn heerlijk aan het klusse,sterkte ermee.
het zal wel mooi worden.

veel liefs Riet.

scrappy jen d said...

Kieve allemaal,
Meis.....Wat toch SUPERGAAF, dat Henk zo HANDIG is! HENK, kanjer! Kan ik "em"inhuren, MARJO?????
Wat ziet alles er hartstikke PUIK uit! ECHT VAKWERK!
Scheelt massa's dollars!
En wat een super kaart! Die "ouwere BG-Lijnen" blijven zooooo mooi! Ik wou, dat ik een vracht vol had liggen.....
Misschien moet ik ook maar eens gaan graven in de restjes.....
Kun je altijd wat mee, toch?
Je geeft me weer inspiratie om verder te gaan met die kaarten, die ik toch moeilijk blijf vinden!
Ha, ha....
Fijne dag verder en bedankt, dat we even mee mochten genieten van die prachtige badkamer in aanbouw!
Groetjes, Jen.

eliane said...

bijna weer een project klaar , hij wordt mooi de badkamer en lekker shoppen is straks het allerleukst.
Fijn dat je weer wat scraptijd had, het is een leuke kaart geworden. Ik vond ooknog restjes kerstpapier , oude BG enzo en dat blijft leuk.Moet binnekort ook aan de slag want ik heb een leuke stempel gekocht en ik wil dit jaar ook weer zelf kaarten maken....

Mireille said...

Verbouwen...praat me er niet van! :-P

Maarre...het ziet er wel erg mooi uit bij je zeg!! Misschien kan Henk hier ook even de handen uit zijn mouwen steken ;-)

Kristi said...

Hiya Marjolein! Just coming by to say thanks again for stopping by Say It. Our current challenge (#11) will be open through Friday the 21st, likely....unless I so feel like moving it! You know there is no method to madness! We also will have #10 open through Friday....with a new challenge being posted on Friday! Keepin you on your toes! Hope to see you join us in more challenges!

Birgit said...

Uhhhhmmmm, ik ga een beetje van je tijd opeisen vrees ik... 'k heb je nml. getagged... zie mijn blog :)


michelle said...

you go guys. I don't think Chris and I have every remodeled/added Love the card and no matter how old some lines are, they are still fabulous.

scrappermimi said...

Your bathroom is looking great! I love the white...looks bright and clean!

Great the trees!

Those Pumpkins spice bars look so delish! Time to bake I think!

linda loe said...

he dat ziet er weer mooi uit ach ja elke keer een stukje. En je kerst kaart, ik vind hem leuk.

Peggy said...

Wow zeg dat ziet er al heel erg goed uit. Super joh! Altijd handig je eigen klusmannetje hebben :)

Anonymous said...

Jeetje wat hebben jullie een werk verricht. Heerlijk is dat als je het saampies kunt doen. Geeft zo'n voldoening. En wat een leuke kerstkaart, hint!!!!

Gr. Jacq