Friday, July 04, 2008

Shopping * Paper'08 * More shopping:-)

I'm still here!! It has been a while since I posted I think, a well, that has to do with the fact that it's Summer holidays!!! And we had a busy week, I really don't know where this week went, it really flew by! Anywho....... I did some shopping, last Saturday we went to Hamilton and I had to visit the scrapstore, as you can imagine.
Look at these cool stamps!!! I love them, and those flowers are just adorable don't you think?

Some My Minds Eye papers, and of course some Basic Grey, no plans for it yet, but they called out for me, so...... I had to have them! No, just kidding, I wanna make some cards and there is a layout in my mind, it just won't come out yet. Hopefully next week!


A new operation at Paper'08, already done on Wednesday, just not posted yet, so here we go!

AND FOR THIS WEEKS CHALLENGE : What has been GOOD for you so far in 2008? What are you doing? What is making you happy? What is GOOD?

If you click on the picture, you can read what's been good for me this year!!


I know I'm bad, but..... yesterday I did some shopping again:-) We had to go to Brantford, Marloes had bought a short last Saturday but it didn't fit good, so we had to change it. Very good excuse to stop at the scrapstore there, as it was on the way to the mall!

Here's what I bought, ink, tickets, flowers by Bazzill, very cute clearstamps for just $ 1,-- each and across the street is another store, which sell scrapbook stuff also, so so bad!!! and they had the travel stamps! Very good reason to buy them with our trip to Holland coming up in only 3,5 weeks don't you think?

And I just could not resist these lovely Daisy D's papers... I have to get some different papers than the Basic Grey I always buy and these called out for me!

This all has to wait to get used, cause later today we're leaving for camp! My BIL and SIL have there holidays and invited us over for the weekend, so I got some packing to do, especially lots of bug spray! Some very nasty bug bit me last Tuesday and now I've got a pretty bad infection, even went to the Walk-in Clinic and got antibiotics...... poor me:-( It probably was either a black flie or sand flees, they seem to have a very bad poison to which I am allergic. My feet are more then twice the size the are supposed to be, and my leg..... well forget about that one, it looks real bad! So, we are gone for the weekend and I hope to see you all back next week!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


mary said...

wow - that's LOTS of VERY GOOD stuff! especially love all the pretty paper - I see some of the basic grey two scoops, I think? and I am loving that right now, too (oh, and hope the infection clears up soon - big ugh)

scrappy jen d said...

Marjo!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
That's a joke and U kmow it! It makes me so very happy to see that you are soooo HAPPY with your GOODIES! Just enjoy and make special things with it!
See you soon!!!!!

HUG, Jen.
By the way: I LOVE THE PAGE!

Je@net said...

Zooooooooooooo zussie, gave boodschapjes heb je gedaan hoor!! Jij kunt weer lekker aan de freubel!
En je pagina ziet er weer super goed uit! Knap gedaan meisie!
Enne...beterschap hoor en een super fijn weekend gewenst!

lauren said...

well hello! i am sorry it has taken me such an age to get over here and see your stuff and say HI! now that i am caught up on paper adventure (FINALLY!) i am hoping to be online more! woohoo!

love your OP#27 page--i am really admiring your decision to embark upon the project WITHOUT PHOTOS! so brave and a great way to focus on your writing!

loooooove all your delightful goodies! afterall, we need to replenish our stock what with all this cool creating going on, right?! :) (ps: i just got those $1 alphas too...aren't they AWESOME?!)

Michelle said...

Yummy scrappy shopping. Don't you just love the rush you get from it? :D