Wednesday, January 02, 2008

AJC #52 and a wonderful gift!

Our final prompt in our 52 week art journal challenge is: ART, there is just so much you can do with this one! let loose ;)

I just can't believe this Art Journal Challenge is done..... 52 weeks of creating, being creative, thinking a lot, or sometimes done in 10 minutes!
This was something I've enjoyed every week of the past year, and I feel sorry it's done! Emily said she'd come up with a new challenge, can't wait to see what it is!

My last card for this challenge is simple, the way I did all my other 51 cards, with of course the flower, that's a part of almost every card I've made!

I used one of the latest Autumn Leaves stamps I've bought, "Stiched Journaling" found a quote on the internet, and printed it right between the lines!

The journaling on the back speaks for itself I think, but Emily, if you read this, thanks so much for this wonderful challenge!!

Also thanks to all the other girls who played along in this challenge, it was pure joy to look at all your creations every week, and that's what I'm going to do now!

And my completed tin, altered a Basic Grey tin and the cards are on binderrings!


Then something else, I knew it was coming, it only took a little longer then expected.... a wonderful Christmas gift from my sis Jeanet, which should have been here before Christmas, but I guess Canada Post didn't feel like working hard this season:-) But, it was all worth the wait, look what I got!!

A pizza box filled with yummy things, Dutch droppies, and pepermint, and it tastes soooo good!

This book, Scrapcards, in which are a lot of cards Jeanet designed! I love it, a real treasure this is, and sis, your work is wonderful!

One of the cards designed by Jeanet! Isn't it beautiful?

Great {Note} Worthy papers, love them!

KI Memories Pop Culture, gorgeous bright colors!

And 3 Scrapbookmagazines, a great Dutch magazine for which Jeanet designs too! with some embellishments by KI and Making Memories!

I love each and every single thing, but the book is very special for me, sis, you made me cry, but that's ok he, he....... you are very special to me too, and I love you for being so generous! Thanks so much, I will do my best to make some beautiful layouts and even more cards!


Rachel Whetzel said...

I can't believe we are done either!! I'm a little sad about it, actually! I feel like a friend is moving away!

Je@net said...

He sis, so glad the packet finally arrived! I'm so happy to hear you love all the stuff! You deserve it, 'cause you're my sweet and dearest sis!! Love you xx Je@net.

ParentesFantomet said...

Congratulats on finishing the challenge, it's been a great year. The card is truly adorable, and the box is such a nice one.

Thanks for all the great comments ypu've given over the whole year. Have a Happy, Creative 2008!

Paula said...

Happy New Year.
Great card.
Shame its over but who knows what tomorrow brings.
Great present.
Tell me about Canadian slow, my friend is awaiting her citizenship & it is going to take another 6 months yet!

Paule said...

Hoi Marjolein,
jammer voor je dat de 52 weken voorbij zijn, maar meid, wat heb je een mooie box vol met 'art'!
En dan die lekkere doos van Jeanet! Dat zijn de leuke kadootjes lijkt me als je in het buitenland woont!
Geniet er van!

Deb G said...

beautiful, beautiful Marjolein!! Your cards are amzing..and I LOVE the tin you have them in!! Thanks for all your lovely comments too...lovely to think we were all doing this at the same time!!A whole year of being creative!! Bit like you..just sad its over!!

jess said...

Your cards look awesome all tucked into the box!!! WOW!!!
i'm still about 10 weeks behind but i do plan on catching up!! It was such an awesome challenge!!
Xx Jess

Anonymous said...

Great cards to finish with and I love that tin to keep them in.
Thanks for all the lovely comments :) I will miss doing this every week.

valerie said...

i feel sad but inspired that i have done this your cards look so cool in thier tin home


Lis said...

Great card!! It has been amazing journey shared with some awesome ladies!
Wow look at all those goodies, have fun with them!!

michelle said...

You did so awesome doing everyone of those challenges- all beautiful. I love the tin you put them in to! What a great present from jeanet! she is so wonderful

Shell said...

Another great card! And the tin is gorgeous!!! LOVE what your sister sent you... talent certainly runs in your family :) Looking forward to seeing what Emily has planned for us next year too :) Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Woow :) Great card, awesome collection of cards! And what a cute gift you received! Send you greetings and warmest wishes from Poland (we have today -6 Celsius degrees and it's windy and frrrrosty :)

Elly said...

Snik... zo'n box maakt mij zelfs bijna aan het snotteren, hahaha!!! Wat ben ik toch een sentimetele sufferd! Maar ik vind het dan ook zo'n lief gebaar van je sis! Ik vind je tin met Emily-cards helemaal geweldig, wat was het toch een super-challenge! Ook ik wacht vol smart af, wat er nu gaat komen, kan ik weer lekker bij je neuzen!!!

~Nancy~ said...

I know I'm late too.. but just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy 2008! May all your wishes come true in this upcoming year!!!!

And wow.. this is the best goodiebox ever! WOOOWWWW!!!!!!!! Have fun playing with your new goodies and reading these wonderful magazines!! XOXO

Julie said...

Amazing card! Its been an amazing journey hasn't it? But boy has that year gone fast. Congratulations on getting to the end and your cards look terrific in that tin!

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Your card looks fantastic again, but I especially love the quote. I put mine all in a tin and just love the result, wasn't going to do anything with the tin but seeing how cool yours look maybe I will get around to it.
Best wishes for 2008 too! May you get lots of good times to scrap!

Flapsi Hapsi said...

I'll be a bit lost without the challenges I think! Well done, great cards.

Deborah said...

Love your card, especially the quote and the words you wrote. What an amazing journey, and thankyou so sooooo much for all of your lovely comments over this last year :)

emfalconbridge said...

i love that art quote! your cards look so fabulous all in their tin like that! thanks for all your love and support and inspiration during the year! you are awesome :)

saffiertje said...

Lucky you! Great things...enneh.. die nederlandse dingen ga je soms echt missen niet war?!

Gonny said...

Je maakt hele mooie dingen....