Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Surprise mail, sneakpeek and tag!

(Long post, you are warned!)
A view weeks ago, the beginning of October, Deborah, left a comment on my blog, that made me feel kind of....well..... how do you say that? She had me without words actually and that doesn't happen too often:-) This is what she said;
Marjolein you're the best!!!! You ALWAYS (WITHOUT FAIL) leave such lovely comments on my blog about my work and it gives me such a boost. And that's why you're special to me - thankyou. Could you please email me your postal address to ********@****** as I'd like to send you a little parcel of goodies by way of a thankyou :)P.S. I love your card - very beautiful.
Well, I've sent her an email, that I was very surprised, and I didn't think it was that special, but hey..... I love surprises!! Yesterday, a very big envelope landed on my door mat! See for your self!
I L O V E the ribbons, little beads, pearls and charms.....quotes, flowers.... everything!

Even some real cool chipboard and stickers, fibers, papers.... well, too much to name it all, but it is awesome! Deborah, I've already sent you an email to thank you for your very generous RAK, but I just can't thank you enough! It's great, way to much, but...... I love all of it!!!


A while ago I agreed to do a photoswap with Yolanda, these are so much fun to do!!, but I was so busy doing several things, that I didn't find the time to start! And you know, I've already received hers.......shame on me! But, to prove I'm busy working on it, here's a sneaky peek girl!I'm trying to post it this week, but I'll let you know!


And...... I got tagged by Peggy....... to write down 6-8 things I'm thankful for.... Here we go!

  1. * I'm thankful for Henk, my husband for 20 years...(auch, that long!!), a wonderful guy, dad, husband and friend!
  2. Thankful for my 2 girls, whom I love very much, and are very important to me!
  3. Thankful for the opportunity to start all over again in an other country, which isn't always easy, but I'm happy!
  4. Thankful for my mom, who raised me and my brother, like a mom does! I love her and miss her very much
  5. Thankful for the very good friends I have, eventhough they live far away, they are always there in need of support.
  6. Thankful for the time I have to scrapbook as much as I want, although I would love a job, but just be patient, it'll come!
  7. Thankful for all of you, who visit my blog almost daily, and always have something nice to say!

Well, that's it, there is lots more, but..... I think this is enough!! Thanks for the tag Peggy! Have a great day!


micayla said...

OOOH you lucky thing.........check out all those goodies!!!!

michelle said...

Those are great and you are so fabulous to always stop by and say hi and leave comments on my blog too! can't wait to see your swap

Shell said...

Thank you so much for the comments on my blog! Love your thankful list too :) As for it already being Wednesday for me... I'm in New Zealand :)

Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Read your blog every day and I love it! Hardly ever leave a comment though... i will try to do that more often!

Thanks for visiting my blog :-).

Mireille said...

wauw!!! What an awesome RAK!
you rock girlie!!

Fleur said...

Wat een geweldig cadeau om te krijgen (en het gebaar erachter eigenlijk nog mooier!). En een mooie tag!

Peggy Severins said...

Wow dat zijn nog eens leuke verrassingen. Wat leuk zeg, veel plezier er mee!

Elly said...

Wat líéf!!!!!! Dat was vast en zeker een enorme verrassing! Je lijstje van dingen om dankbaar voor te zijn, heeft me wel weer aan het denken gezet. Daar zou ik eigenlijk vaker bij stil moeten staan!

Scraps~from~a~Boy said...

woow dat is nog eens een leuke verrassing!!! gaaf zeg!!!

Mireille said...

Wat een prachtige post heb je gemaakt op je weblog!!

Je@net said...

Wow sis, ben jij ff verwend zeg!!
En helemaal verdiend hoor!!
En sneaky ziet er al errug leuk uit!!

Spontanity said...

Wat ontzettend leuk zeg!!
Weer iets om dankbaar voor te zijn:)
Vaak komen verassingen wel uit een heel onverwachte hoek.

dawn said...

Blogging buddies are THE best - and how nice of her to send you the gift :) Hope all's well for you hun? :)

eliane said...

wat een leuke verassing zeg , ziet er goed uit ! En vooral datgene waarvoor je het krijgt , zoiets kleind wat zo gewoon lijkt, gelukkig zijn er mensen die het waarderen! Ik lees ineens over de fotoswap , dat had ik Yolo ook beloofd maar ben het vergeten............oeps !(Zal haar mailen). Zulle wij ook swappen ??????

jess said...

LUcky you with all your new goodies!! im sure you'll have lots of fun scrapping with them!!!
Xx Jess