Friday, March 27, 2009

Some scrappin'

Did some scrappin' the last couple of days, when I wasn't baking cupcakes! So yummy, lemon yogurt... no photos unfortunately, they were gone before I had the chance to take some!
And I'm posting here to pass some time while I'm waiting to see "landed" on the site of Toronto airport.... my hubby was in Dallas TX this week and I knew the plain had a delay but it should have landed like a half hour ago.... and it still isn't.... don't like that.... So I'm going to bore you a bit! Here we go!

A totally different layout, inspired by what I saw in Creatief met Foto's (Creative with Photos) a Dutch scrapbooking magazine I got last year from my friend Mireille when I was in Holland!
They idea comes from Natasha Verbeek, she designed the layout I saw in the magazine, and I loved it so much! Had almost an excact same photo.... so I started!
Cut of a part of the cardstock so it has a complete different size than normally. Mixed and matched some Sassafrass papers, used my Coluzzle templates again, and traced the letters with a white gelpen. But the most fun is using cardboard from which the top layer is torn off. Put some paint on it, and voilá, you're done!
This photo is taken in Leeuwarden, where I used to live, bikes along the normal... But when you live in a country where biking isn't as normal as you are used to, it's so much fun to take a picture of it and scrap it!

I love that little birdie, so stamped it on some light pink paper and cut it out!


I love detailed pictures, so here's one again, grungeboard painted and used crackle medium on it! And of course my favorite blingbling!

My oldest.... a very smart girl, but not always sure of herself.. like this day, when we went to B. and it was still really Winter weather.... and all the messy stuff on the road landed on the front windowshield... which is no fun if your windshieldwhiperfluid (scrabble anyone??) needs to be refilled.... and you don't have any in the car.... So, we stopped at a gas station and bought some! But then.... where to put it in??? Ok, I know how a car drives, but the inside, ha, ha, I don't wanna know that, which proves to be kind of stupid,... cause now we didn't know what to do!

So, Marloes just asked a man who walked by and said "Excuse me sir, can you help us and tell us if this is the right spot to put the fluid in?" "You see, I'm blond, you can't see that cause I'm wearing a hat, but.... well,... you never know right!"
OMG, I thought I was gonna pee in my pants.... but the man was so friendly, didn't even laugh, and helped us..... We were happy, and could drive savely with clear sight!!!

Just love that skull and thought it needed some blingy eyes!

Thanks for stopping by again!

Oh, and hubby just called, he landed savely on Canadian ground again.. pfew....


scrappy jen d said...

Oh..lieverd! Wat heb je dit alles weer prachtig gedaan! Leuk, die bikes, so Dutch en die LO van je meissie: GIrl Power! Prachtig gedaan, hoor! Vooral die skull is helemaal toppie!
Hug, Jen.

Je@net said...

Wauw, dat ziet er allemaal weer super gaaf uit sis!! Geweldig dat Girl Power verhaal, wat een heerlijke meid is het toch ook!

Fijn dat het mannetje weer veilig en wel thuis is. Geniet van het weekend samen!

Mireille said...

Mooie layouts! Die Girl Power vind ik helemaal super!

Elly said...

Haha, wat een story! En wat bijdehand dat je het gelijk op foto vast gelegd hebt! Je fiets-lootje is ook onwijs leuk! Nou, geniet maar lekker van het weekend en je mannetje!

Paula said...

Those cup cakes sound yummy & Im glad you have no photos I am still trying to lose weight!!!
Great layouts loving the colours.

Mandy said...

Your daughter is very funny LOL, great layouts and the blingy scull eyes rock! Hope DH landed safely!

Margriet said...

Wat een mooie layouts!

michelle said...

hey lady! missed you! love the pages.. omg.. i can't believe your daughter.. that's hilarious!

Natasja said...

Hey wat leuk joh!! En helemaal niet erg natuurlijk. Die layouts zijn gemaakt om mensen te inspireren en ik ben blij dat ze dat dus ook doen :D

Riet said...

wowww Marjolein,wat heb je dat allemaal schitterend gemaakt zeg.

liefs Riet.x

Samira said...

Mooi zeg!

Eindelijk heb ik weer eens de tijd genomen om wat weblogs bij langs te gaan. Zo ook die van jou! Ik beloof hierbij plechtig wat vaker langs te komen ;-)

Groetjes Samira

P.S.: ik post zo nu en dan ook weer op m'n eigen weblog.

Janny said...

Ik ben geen scrapper maar vind dat je super doet;o)