Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not much to show.....

My gosh, what a week!!! As of Tuesday I've worked every day, it's really busy right now! That's ok though, love to see dollars on my bank account! The only thing I don't like about it, is that I have to get up at 5 am, am done by 3 pm, and so very very tired from standing on my feet all day!! I don't do a thing!!! Not even a very tiny little small (ok, that's 3 times the same....) layout!!
And next week it'll be the same, 5 days in a row......
But... I can show you 2 things, not by my own hand, but things I received in the mail!!

Like this box..... filled with yummy goodies from the Netherlands.... my dearest friend Ilse sent it to me!!! Mixes of herbs, like pesto tomato you can eat with pasta, or rice I guess, and..... Feta spinach..... oh my gosh, that's just delicious. You make it with potatoes, spinach and feta, put it in the oven and..... have a great meal!! Ilse knew I loved it, and was just so sweet to send me some!! Oh, and there was a bag of licorice too, but.... eh... it's not gone yet, but... almost LOL

And this birthday card and vintage goodies came yesterday, send to me by Andrea!! Just one more week and it's my birthday and yes..... it's Valentines day too!! Love the card Andrea, and the goodies are just awesome! Thanks so much!

Oh, and you still have 3 weeks to participate in the challenge at WijDUS!!! So stop by and give it a try girls!! We've seen some great creations already and there is a wonderful prize for the winner!! Next week Sunday, the 15th, the second challenge of this month will be up!! And you know what, if you do them both, you have two chances of winning!!! Tomorrow we will answer some FAQ's and.. there's more!!

Have a great week!!! and see you soon!


Mireille said...

Ik krijg al honger als ik naar al die pakken kijk! ;-)

Riet said...

heb honger Marjolein.
en wat een prachtige kaart lig daar.

liefs Riet.

Chimene said...

Heerlijk he die Hollandse produkten!!!!

Je bent getagged:) Kijk maar op mijn blog.

Fijne zondag!

XXXX Chimene

scrappy jen d said...

Hi dear,
What a wonderful GIFT you did get!
I am so happy for you that you enjoy these gifts so much!
You deserve it from tome to time!
At least you have a little taste of Holland once in a while with your husband Henk and the girls!
Yeah! Your Birthday is coming up.
I'll be in Austria at Valentine's Day, but I'll make up with you, sweety!
Hug, Jen.

Ellen said...

Oh wat zul jij gesmuld hebben van die hollandse lekkernijen maar ongetwijfeld hebben ze bij jou weer lekkernijen die ons zouden doen watertanden.
Wat een schattige kaart en mooie goodies heb je gehad, helemaal leuk dat je op Valentijnsdag jarig bent, heeft wel iets speciaals ;-))

Peggy said...

Wat een lieverd is Ilse toch he!? Geniet er van!

Cheryl Wray said...

Mmmm...I love anything with feta in it (and spinach too!)!

Micayla said...

Hello Missus,
Thanks for the lovely comment you left. It is nice to know that people still stop by even when I dont blog much.
I can see you have been very busy too with work, but like you say money in the bank is great. My account has nothing in and now the car has decided to break on us! Oh happy days. Lucky for us it should not be an expensive job and Steve and his cousin can do it so it is just the parts to pay for and a few drinks for his cousin. It is sooo good to have him on hand with things like that.
Hope you are well despite being a busy bee.
Sending my love xxx
PS Looks like my PC has corrected and I can leave comments again!!!

Tjeerd en Kiki said...

MMMM wat klinkt dat lekker die mixen... moet ze ook eens proberen. Kijk of ik ook zo'n aardig iemand kan vinden die het aan mij op wil sturen hahaha!

Sterkte met je werk, zijn wel lange dagen zo!

Leuk jullie WIJDUS blog, wie weet ga ik binnenkort ook weer aan de slag. Suc6!

Elly said...

Wat lief!!! Wat zullen jullie weer heerlijk eten!!! Aan de ene kant lekker dat je nu zoveel werk hebt, wel jammer dat je zo bekaf bent als je thuis komt. Maar ach, scrappen verleer je niet zomaar hoor! Jouw tijd komt wel weer! Gelukkig heb je nog wel wat fut om te bloggen, zodat we je nog steeds lekker kunnen volgen! Sterkte maar weer met je komende werkweek!

Je@net said...

Dat is nog eens gezellige post!! Leuk joh!!