Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New header and another card!

I'm pretty sure you've noticed, but I've got a new header! My scrapfriend from Holland, Mireille A. was such a sweet girl and designed it for me! She is really good in digital scrapping and has lots of beautiful stuff for that! I totally love the colors in the header, and decided to adjust my whole blog appearance, and I like it like this! Mireille, thanks so much girl!

No idea what is wrong with me, but at the moment I just don't have any MoJo to scrap. So, I decided to make some more cards, no Christmas for today, just a very nice design from Cards Only which is a Dutch card magazine! I got one when we were in Holland, and I loved it! Very talented DT and every no. has a workshop card in it. This is the one from the 3rd issue of the magazine, my sis emailed the instructions to me and I'm so glad she did!

This one is for a special person, if she reads this post, she'll probably know it's gonna arrive in her mailbox soon..... but I don't care, just had to show it!

I'm working on another card, but the weather has been so nice the last couple of days, that I didn't do a thing, just sat outside, enjoyed the sun, the fall colors that are starting to come and... ofcourse a good book!

Ok, that's it for today, something snapped in my back this morning and it hurts so much, that sitting for a long time is just out of the question! Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day!


michelle said...

Hey lady!!! LLLOVVVe that card.. the inside is so fabulous! thanks for checking on me.. miss you!

Mireille said...

Graag gedaan! De kaart ziet er ook fantastisch uit!

Je@net said...

Beautiful card sis!! And I'm pretty sure that the special person will love it!!
And your new reader looks great!!

scrappy jen d said...

Lieve MArjolein,
Ik vind je new HEADER just gorgeous! Wat toch heerlijk als je zulke lieve vriendinnen hebt, die zoiets voor je doen!
Net zoals je mij toen zo lief hebt geholpen, omdat ik ook zo zat te klooien met dat blog-gedoe!
Je hebt mij toen EN geholpen EN enorm gestimuleerd vooral door te gaan! Ik vind het ontwerp echt prachtig en ook "de muu"in Leeuwarden!
De kaart is gewoonweg ABSOLUTELY GREAT!
Degene, die dit gaat ontvangen, zal het vast inlijsten! Het is een BEAUTY! Lief van Jeanet om de instructies te geven! Ik heb het magazine net om 17.30 uur nog weten te scoren! Moet hem nog inzien, maar.....eerst de cursus: rennen, dus! Love, Jen.

Riet said...

wat een schitterende kaart heb je gemaakt Marjolein.
liefs Riet.

scrappermimi said...

I just love the new header!!!!! Looks great!!!!! Beautiful card too, your friend will love it!

Micayla said...

Gorgeous card and that header is fab. I am going to do myself a new one once I have time!!

Maria Jesus said...


BEAUTIFUL card, inside is gorgeous.

have a good weekend



Heyyyy, just for... me??? hehehe then I wait for it!!!! hehehe Beautiful workkkkkk!!! Kisses!

Elly said...

Ohhh... in m'n drukte van de laatste tijd heb ik helemaal dit berichtje gemist! En je kaartje is nog wel zo mooi! Je banner is trouwens ook fantastisch, ziet er professioneel uit!