Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GotMojo and more mail!

The girls at GotMojo had a new challenge going on. You had to use the Martha Stewart signature frase "It's a good thing" and had to use a stamp.... somewhere.... no matter what kind of stamp!

Ok, I can do that, the only problem is.... which stamp... got so many and like 'em all.... so, I used 4... hope that's ok too ha, ha!!


I know it's not the most original idea to use a picture of my DH for this layout, but.... I've got a good reason! This challenge came up June 5th, and... that was our Anniversary....... 21 years!!! Well... isn't that a good reason to call my dearest hubby and the fact that we are married for 21 years "a good thing"?? I thought so, ha, ha!

I traced the sticker letters with black Sakura and of course, when you don't need it, it happens. The pen slipped... black all over the white letter......sob sob.. But well, couldn't do much about it, and when I look at the picture now, it's hardly noticable! Lucky me!


I still receive cards in the mail by very sweet ladies! This one I got from Birgit, who is a very talented scrapper!! Look at that gorgeous handmade card and all the goodies she also put in the envelop, isn't that sweet? Thanks so much dear!!

And this card I got from Danielle, a real Dutch scene, love it, and a tipical Dutch ribbon stapled on the card, thanks so much girl!!

As for me, I'm actually waiting for a phonecall from my doctor with the results of the X-ray's I had yesterday.... The only thing I can tell you is that I'm slowly getting a little better, but as patience has never been any of my good qualities... every day is a day too long! More about the results later!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Je@net said...

Great lo sis, and a very good reason indeed!!

scrappy jen d said...

What a gorgeous LO! Ingmar just looked also and he thinks: PRETTY COOL, HENK! Ha, ha....He thinks that you made it for Henk because Fathers Day is coming up!
Girl: we all keep our fingers crossed for the medical results!!!!
And how wonderful that Birgit is spoiling you, too!
Isn't it great that the scrap-world is so full of sweet persons!???
I am waiting for your results!!!!
Hope it may be ok....

Hug, Jen.

Birgit said...

You know you're very welcome :) keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

michelle said...

fabulous layout! and 21 years is a great thing! those cards are so beautiful. keeping my fingers crossed for your results.. keep me updated!

Cheryl Wray said...

Love the layout!!! And what great mail!!!

Mireille said...

Die layout is helemaal super!!!

Elly said...

Ha, kom ik aan met m'n 11 jaartjes! Poeh, 21 da's pas lang! Nog gefeliciteerd hè! Je mannethje staat er erg leuk op, ideale foto om zo'n gave l.o. mee te maken!
Je hebt leuk post gekregen, heerlijk met al die spulletjes erbij, genieten is dat! Fijn om te horen dat je langzamerhand weer wat op begint te knappen, wel rustig aan blijven doen hè!
Fijn weekend!!!!!

micayla said...

OOH love the new goodies girl and that mojo layout is so sweet, love the colour combo. Congrats on the anniversary, 21 years is such an achievement.

Paula said...

Cool page, love the touch of lace adds that feminine feel to it.
Congrats on the 21st Anniversary.

scrappermimi said...

Hope you are feeling better and the xray is good! Love that fab LO, just such a great picture and so mascule. Love your wonderful goodies you received in the mail.

eliane said...

hoihoi, mooie LO en foto van Henk.
Wat wordt jij heerlijk verwend zeg.
Hopelijk lijkt het met de röntgenfoto's goed want het is wel te hopen dat je straks helemaal fit hier bent !

Michelle said...

WOw 21 years is great. Congrats on that accomplishment. Love that you had fun with the stamping challenge. I always look forward to seeing your take on the challenge.

Sincerely, Michelle
Scrap Mojo

Jessica said...

loooove the layout! thanks for joining in!!!

jess (mojo)

shelly b said...

Really great LO!

linda loe said...

Hoi Marjolein. Wat een mooie Lo heb je gemaakt van HB
En je bent toch maar een "bofkont" met al die leuke mail.
En heb je de uitslag al binnen???
xoxox Linda

Lindsay said...

Love the Mojo layout...the lace on there just makes it! Thanks for playing along!

And lucky you with the goodies in the mail! Hope the x-ray turned out okay!


Melissa said...

Thanks for playing along! Love the layout! Congrats on the 21 years!!
Melissa - ScrapMojo

Christina C. said...

congratulations on your 21 years!

what a sweet layout as well. thank you for playing along with us!

Dani said...

Wauw mijn kaartje op je blog ;)...dat had ik nog niet gezien...Leuk !...hoop dat het wat beter gaat met je....en geweldig dat je zoveel kaartje krijgt...Heerlijk he post krijgen !!....Doe rustig aan,

Lieve groet Danielle