Saturday, March 08, 2008

I really, really want Spring!!!!

I'm really very sorry for everybody in countries or parts of countries were there's no snow..... but, you can have mine!!! I'm definately sick and tired of it.. Look and weep with me....

This is how our drive way looked Friday afternoon around 3 pm. Not too bad, I know, but still, it's white and I want green, as in gras!

This is........ right, at the front door..... about 50 cm. of snow.... this afternoon.... around 5 pm. And now it's almost 2 hours later and you don't even see the front step anymore........ :-(

Henk's trying to put the shovel in the snow..... didn't work out so good, but...... it sure is a lot!

The backyard, photo is taken out of the window and we have wire gauzes in front of every window, so it looks kind of "gauzie" here he, he! Oh and you see that scare craw?? There is a low fence where he is..... I can't see it, can you???

Another one of the backyard..... Can you understand why I'm so fat up with this kind of weather? It's really bad outside, the police advices people to stay in, unless you really really have to go out! Henk's on call this weekend and he had to go out twice... the last time towards Delhi... which is about 15 min. When he was done and was on his way home, it was the first time he was scared on the road, total white outs, blowing snow, he really couldn't see a thing. It took him about 40 min. to come home..... Man, was I glad to see him and he was glad to be home! He's not going out again, this is really to dangerous!

Have a good Sunday and if you're in a snow covered area...... stay save!


scrappy jen d said...

Dear Marjo,

I really feel sorry for you and Henk!
SOOO many piles of snow is not funny anymore!
I wish I could take some away and put it in my yard, so I could built me an iglo!

Take care and do not risk your lives!
You are to precious to all of us.

Hugs, Jen.

Mireille said...

Dit is typisch een geval van: teveel van het goede! LOL

Je@net said...

Oh sis, ik leef met je mee. Kan me zoo goed voorstellen dat je nu inmiddels echt verlangt naar fluitende vogeltjes en knoppen in de bloemen!
Hoop dat de sneeuw gauw verdwijnt en het groen weer tevoorschijn komt!!

Sonya and David said...

Thinking of you!!
We've got the snow here in Manitoba too....but not the storm winds that you have. Still it's almost time for Spring!
SOOOOOOOoooooo excited to read that you got your Canadian residency status!!

ilse said...

Oooooh Marjolien wat een sneeuw.
Oke, schitterende foto's, maar dit is te veel van het goede zeg.
Ik hoop dat het bij jullie heel snel voorjaar wordt.

M@risk@ said...

De foto's zijn prachtig, maar kan me goed voorstellen dat je het voorjaar wilt zien.

D@nielle said...

Hey at least you have a REAL winter .... It's not much of a winter here, it's more like a very very long fall. But we do have some cute spring flowers already.

micayla said...

OMG I want snow, throw some my way please!!

margriet said...

Aaah, ik snap dat je ervan baalt, maar van de andere kant......Ideaal scrapweer!! Verwarming op hoog, sloffen aan, poes op schoot, warme chocomelk en scrappen maar! (-;

Anonymous said...

allemachtig marjolein wat een weer zeg!! het is een prachtig gezicht maar je bent nu wel toe aan voorjaar!! kan ik me helemaal voorstellen!! heel veel sterkte daar met de witte deken!!
groetjes jannie