Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AJC #45 and Christmas card and mail!!!

Yeaaaaah, after being sick for a couple of days, (and her poor girls too!!) Emily is back, so happy, cause I really missed the card last Monday!

This week's prompt is: self realisation. What have you come to discover about yourself lately? Or, think of a time in your life that you had a 'brick over the head' moment, and journal about that.

Ok, it might get a bit boring, but my "brick over the head" moment had to do with moving to Canada or not. I had so much to tell about that, that I decided to make a small envelope and fold the journaling in there. ( and that is NOT me on the picture!! Found it on the www!!)

As it's kind of personal, I kept most of it for myself, might be nice to read it in a couple of years and find out if I still feel the same way!

Another thing, I love to read blogs, and Nancy's blog, a Dutch girl like myself, I love to visit!! She's a very talented scrapper, and she makes wonderful cards too! Like now, she has a workshop on her blog for making a Christmas card. It's been a long time since I've made a Christmas card, but this on..... I loved it!
As you can see Nancy, I've changed some things (not the right material on hand!) but I like the way it turned out, and I'm gonna make some more too!!
Ok, last thing! The doorbel rang, and I know what that means, especially since I saw the mailman walking by..... he had something that didn't fit in my mailbox LOL. Look what I got!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Becca had a RAK on her blog and I was one of the lucky girls to receive a bag filled with embroidery floss!! She says she can't wait to see what I'll come up with... well, neither can I, ha ha, have to think about that first!

And the little jar you see, with the very very lovely card, I got from Liesbeth, and I'm so very happy with that jar! What's in it? Well, speculaaskruiden of course!! You American/Australian/English/Canadian girls won't know what it is, but it is the best herb to make real yummy cookies, muffins etc. It's typical Dutch, and I really wouldn't know where to get it here. Liesbeth sent me some recipies for the Dutch treats, which I liked very much, but... as I told her, couldn't make. So she was so nice to send me a jar with the herbs so we can have our Dutch treats! Thanks so much girl!!

TFL and have a great day!


~Nancy~ said...

Waaaahooooo girl!! You SOOO ROCKED this card!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for playing along and for taking the time to do something with my little workshop!! Your card turned out so cute!!!! And wow... it sure was a happy mailday for you today!!!!!!! Look at all the floss! YUM YUM!!!

Thanks again (also for your sweet words!!) and talk to you soon!

eliane said...

wat een leuke kaart !! Enne.....heerlijk speculaaskruiden.
Heb je het recept van pepernoten nog ???

Elly said...

Wat een kei-gave kaart!!! En dat papier...prachtig! En wat geweldig die speculaaskruiden, ook weer zo typisch nederlands hè! En je hebt helemaal leuke post gehad, al dat garen is ook niet gek!

Lis said...

Your card isnt boring at all, it looks great. Love the christmas card its gorgeous!!

Paula said...

Fabulous AJ card, great idea to journal the thoughts. I hide stuff I want for my eyes only but often pick words instead.
I know that makes no sense now its typed but my head is fuzzy with the medication & it makes sense to me!!!! In this country doctors will do anything not to perscribe antibiotics as they are often over used & dont work, but someone like me only ever takes them as a last resort, which is now because the pharmacist at the chemist refused to allow me more over the counter stuff such as cold & flu capsules becuase i am on perscribed meds & they don't mix for long periods.

Je@net said...

Wow sis, it was your lucky day!!!
Great gifts!!!
And your Christmas card is such a cutie!!! Love it!!
Great take on the challenge sis!! Well done girlie!

Nat said...

so much eyecandy on your blog. Love your card. I can totally see this - I have a brick on my head right now as we are thinking of relocating to the States - LOL

Mireille said...

Leuke kaart!!!

Spontanity said...

Hele leuke kaart!!!
Enne, wat betekent tlf?:)
En ja, het weer was bar en boos bij ons, maar is nu wel iets beter, wel handschoenenweer, brrrrrrrrr.

lyzzydee said...

Great Card, I expdect your feelings may change given time!!!

sohpiasmom said...

WOW! Your card is awesome this week...totally love it! Don't we all have one of the moments?!