Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mail and ribbon!

See this card? That's a real Dutch cow!!! And I've received it from a very special person, my great aunt, or what it's called in English, she's the sister of my grandma, so English speaking girls, help me out here please!!
**Edited Jennifer helped me out, it is a great aunt, thanks girl!**
Anyhow.... there's a story behind the card, my aunt (that's easier!), loves to paint, so she went to look for farms, and started photographing cows. Developed the photos and painted this one! And she knows someone, who loves to make 3D cards, and that lady asked her, if she could make a photo of the painting, so she could go to a special store and make photocopies of it. And that's how this card is created! From a photo to a painting to a 3D card! Isn't it wonderful? And now it's in my house!! Thanks so much auntie dear!!!

Ok, another story! I've got Basic Grey Periphery and I want to make a mini-book with it, but.... needed ribbons and lace. OK, no lss who's got ribbon/lace.... I know, very very silly, but hey...... what can you do about it? So, here I was this morning, looking through the Yellow Pages in the phonebook for a haberdashery store here in my hometown! No way........ nothing! Went to do some grocerie shopping, and like I am, asked the cassier for a store that would sell ribbon and lace..... Tadaaaaaaah! She sent me to Port Dover, of course, silly me, I didn't even think of Lens Mill store...... and I can tell you this, I felt like a kid in a candy store....... So much ribbon..... I had to get a hold of my self, and only buy what I needed and I did!! And I'm happy!!!


eliane said...

mooie kaart , zag eerst niet dat het 3d was!
En die lintjes , helemaal super.

My Paper World said...

Your Aunt's card is fabulous, what a creative family! and your new ribbon stash looks great too!

Jennifer said...

Yep, Great Aunt. Those are the best. I had some really fun ones that used to play pinnochle with me and my cousin. Good times.

I love that cow picture. It is so awesome!

Spontanity said...

Op mijn blog zie je mij in stukjes.
Als je wilt.
A really dutch me:)

Spontanity said...

Vergeet helemaal te zeggen dat ik het een geweldig plaatje vindt!!!

Spontanity said...

Ik ben het bijna helemaal hoor:)

Elly said...

Jeetje, het lijkt wel kunst! Grappig dat jij ook zo happy was, het hangt vast in de lucht! Ik had ook al zo'n gevoel bij het opstaan (en dat gebeurt lang niet elke dag!).

michelle said...

wow. that card is fabulous!

Paula said...

Love that cow card. Gorgeous ribbon too!
I am feeling a touch better today & will have a few things for the blog by this afternoon.

Mireille said...

Die kaart is echt super zeg!

Peggy Severins said...

Gorgeous card, what a great story behind it too. It sucks that the lace and ribbon is so hard to come by over there. Doesn't it remind you of the days when we just started scrapbooking and we couldn't get any scrapsupplies here in Holland. Oh the horror. Glad you found that store though, looks great! By the way, you got tagged by me, check my blog for details, I hope you will play.