Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fall or Summer??

I know, I haven't been posting much this week, and that has it's reasons. The first days of this week, I didn't feel that well, cold, stuffed nose.... just yuk.... Nothing to worry about, just catching a cold I guess. And now.... well, I'm wondering what kind of season it is actually, cause today started like it's supposed to start in the Fall, foggy, about 10 degrees... and than, at about 1 p.m. things started to change drasticly, it became warm, very warm..... (is it really October??)so I decided to sit outside. Wanted to do some scrappin' but hey, Winters are long enough here in Canada, so as long as the weather feels like Summer, I'm enjoying it as much as I can!

(click on the photo's to get a larger view!)
Yep, the end of feet...... relaxing.....boy, was that nice, the sun was really warm!

Look at that sun...........

Looks great doesn't it?

Some giant fungus on the tree that broke down last year August...

Nature is just amazing!

There are still lots of buds on my Roses of Sharon!!!

And on another bush, the berries start coming....... they look wonderful in the Winter, with snow and ice on them though!

So, I mean...... is it really Fall, or is Summer not giving up yet? If you look at the weather forcast for the next couple of days.... I honestly would say it's still Summer, temperatures like 29 degrees on Sunday and Monday, Thanksgiving...... yes...... I guess we have to put the Turkey on the bbq instead of shoving it in the oven!

And tomorrow, I have to drive to Brantford, and I'm sure gonna bring my camera this time, with all the wonderful Fall colors you see in the trees, just have to stop somewhere and take some pictures! So I guess I'll be back tomorrow!


Paula said...

We are having exactly the same bizzare weather here in the UK. However, it never did get to be summer so we hoped for an Indian one instead. Weatherman says grey misty starts but by lunch bright sun so good light for photos of projects!! IT is so hard this time of year for decent shots!!

Gorgeous photos of the tree.

jannie said...

wat een prachtige foto's marjo!!! en heerlijk toch dat het nog lekker weer is!!

Je@net said...

Oooh sis, I want complain about the weather in Holland...but can you please send me a little bit of sunshine!?!
Great pics girlie....enjoy the weather these day's, before you know winter is really coming!

Anonymous said...

Wat een mooie foto's, wat heb jij een plezier van je nieuwe camera. Leuk om je tuin weer te zien en wat een grote paddestoelen. Geniet nog maar even van je zonnetje, knap je weer van op. Mam.

Elly said...

Prachtig die zwammen! Heerlijk hè, zo'n toetje toe van de zomer, geniet er maar lekker van, volgens mij zijn de winters bij jullie héél koud,brrrr...!!! Beetje extra zonne-vitamientjes kun je wel gebruiken zo te horen!

Dutchnic said...

Inderdaad een prachtige zwam.
Ik heb familie in SK en het verbaast me altijd hoe de zomer daar gewoon overgaat in de winter, met schijnbaar geen herfst.
Leuk om jullie Canadese ervaringen te lezen!