Sunday, August 12, 2007

Outside life!

Our outside life is starting to grow and bloom......Just some pictures, so you can enjoy it too!

The tomatoes, Henk had to pick the ones that are sooooo tasteful before I could take the picture.

Cherry tomatoes, which taste so darn good, better than when you buy them!

The green beans
Cantaloupe, which is smaller than it looks in the close-up.

Green bell peppers.

The Roses of Sharon bushes
In purple

And white and lots of other colors, just wonderful!

The cornfield and it starts growing, don't know how much longer, but than we can enjoy our own corn on a cob!


jannie said...

dat ziet er allemaal goed uit hoor!!!

eliane said...

heerlijk zo'n moestuintje........

jojoco said...

Marjolein, wat heerlijk zeg, al die groente uit eigen tuin!

Je@net said...

Pictures looks great sis (and jummie ;-)

michelle said...

your garden looks scrumptious!

Paula said...

I love to see gardens bursting with produce. I used to grown all my own veg back when I lived on the farm with my hubby. Since we divorced Ive lived in a town. Ive gotten used to it now but the country is always inside me!!
I also had a plot just for cut flowers so my house was filled with blooms everyday, i miss that most as they are so expensive to buy!!Should have used that in my random facts..hee hee

Peggy Severins said...

Oh wat leuk zo'n moestuintje, mooie foto's ook.