Monday, March 05, 2007

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Today I went on a field trip with grade 6, the class of my youngest daughter Anouk. We went to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, near Hamilton, and it was great! Everybody in one schoolbus, man, that was a bumpy ride, but so much fun! Glad I brought my camera with me, cause I made lots of pictures! It was very interesting, all about warplanes of cause, most of it about WW2, we heard a lot of stories about what happened with all the fighters from Canada. I made collages of the pictures I took, turned out great!

Somebody was talking about an airshow on Fathersday this year, I think we have to go there, cause all the old planes are gonne be outside and some of them will be up in the air, must be pretty amazing I guess!

All and all we had a great day, but boy, am I tired now... So of to the couch, no more pc for me tonight, as tomorrow there's another day:-)


jojoco said...

Leuk, je collages! En een leuke dag ook, zo te zien!

jannie said...

leuk die foto's, en natuurlijk een hoop gezien! zo'n dag is ook leuk om naar te kijken en als ze vliegen helemaal natuurlijk!!!

Je@net said...

Wat een gave foto's!!! Leuk zo in een collage!!

eliane said...

wat een boel foto's ! ziet er leuk uit. Gaaf dat je mee mocht.