Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Birthday Presents!!

February 14th is Valentines Day, but....... also MY BIRTHDAY!! Of cause my mom wanted to send me some presents, and asked what I wanted. Well, that's a very good question...... no idea at all! So we decided we're going shopping when she comes here, that's so much more fun!

But, good old mom couldn’t think about not sending me anything, so she packed a couple of things and I got it today! YES the Dutch sauces we love and miss so much, Dutch droppies!!!! (the girls went nuts!), scrapbook embellishments, (they are so beautiful mom, thanks!!) pillow/cushion cases for the sofa in perfect colors, and……….. GLUE!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE GLUE!!!!!!! that I always use to glue my scrapbook papers! I know I told her I needed it, and asked if she good bring some when she’s coming, but never guessed that she would sent me some for my birthday! Also there are 2 presents still wrapped, and they will stay that way till the 14th! cause that’s my birthday!
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Mom, I already talked to you on the phone, but thank you so much!! This was a great surprise and… the cushion cases look great on the sofa! Love you!


paule said...

Looks great! Your Mom must be a fantastic lady!

Je@net said...

Oooooh, wat een schat is die moesje toch!! Heerlijk zo'n onverwachte verrassing!!

jannie said...

geweldig zo'n verrassing!!!!en wat leuk dat je moeder langs komt!!! gezellig man!!!

judith said...

Geweldig zo'n nederlands pakket! Geniet ervan en van het bezoek van je moeder, veel plezier!

eliane said...

Super meis enne houd je brievenbus maar in de gaten ..I have a feeling...............:))))

Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Het is ook de verjaardag van mijn man op 14 feb. maar zulke lekkere pakjes krijgen wij (helaas) niet uit Nederland. :)
Happy early Birthday! :)