Thursday, January 25, 2007

More exams

Today Marloes has her Computer exams, she starts at about 9.15 and is done around 11.00 so keep your fingers crossed please! Yesterday she had Civics, she thought she did ok and her teacher said, that she's gonna pass, no matter what, so that's positive! Than Monday her Math exam, and that's it, no more school for the rest of the week, until Feb. 5th, when her next semester starts. Pretty exiting days, but I think she's doing well, and am very proud of her!

I'm a bit quiet, but my hand is bothering me a lot, went to the doctor last night, she can't do anything about it, wants to send me to an orthopedic, but..... those guys are pretty busy here, and it may take half a year before I can come. BUMMER......DON'T LIKE THAT AT ALL!!!!!!

She's given me a prescription for a painkiller, so off to the pharmacy later today and hopefully the work! I want to scrapbook....... maybe I'll give it a try, can always quit if my hand starts bothering again. So no LayOuts to show you unfortunatelly, only chitchat today!! Oh, and I found this in a store here, felt flowers..... don't they look great!!??


Je@net said...

Sterkte met et pootje sis!! Balen dat et allemaal zo lang duurt hè!!

jannie said...

he vervelend van je hand!! is dat hetzelfde als hier in nederland??? spannende tijden met al die examens hoor!! we duimen hier tot we geen duimen meer over hebben!!!groetjes

Fleur said...

Hé Marjolijn, tijdje niks van mij gehoord, maar heb wel meegelezen hoor. Wat ontzettend goed van Henk zo'n hoge score voor zijn examen. Gelukkig heeft dat harde werken enzo dus zijn vruchten afgeworpen. En nu even geen school meer!
En je meiden ook midden in hun toetsen. Ik vind ze, wat voor cijfers ze ook halen, toch al super. Als was het maar door hun doorzettingsvermogen!