Sunday, April 01, 2012

Loving Dyan Reaveley stamps!!

Blogger won't let me post from my own computer, but it works fine from my daughters laptop, so here we go!!

Since a while I'm "collecting" Dyan Reaveley stamps, cause they are just awesome, and you can combine them all. So very handy right?
So, here are a couple of pages where I've used these stamps!

Great, it worked, so now I know what to do when Blogger won't let me post on my pc, just use my DD's laptop and a USB stick!!

Thanks for stopping by again!


Marijke's stamping creations said...

zoals je ziet, your wish......, hahaha. wat een super pagina's maak je de laatste tijd, een genot om naar te kijken

Obaidur said...
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