Sunday, November 06, 2011

She Art

Especially for my mom!! (hi mom, love you lots!)
I know I've stayed away from posting here way too long, sorry about that!
Live keeps me busy, either with work or just living and of course crafting!

So this is what I've been doing lately!
Totally in love with She Art, kind of "discovered" by Christy Tomlinson. She's so very good at this, and gives workshops too!
Haven't taken those, but want to, so I'm saving up to follow an online class!

 These two I saw on her blog, loved the idea of the dresses on a clothing line and tried to make them myself! Think it's not so bad at all!

 This is a small canvas board, also She Art, played with paint/creditcard stamps, and paper to make the She!

And these last two are also on canvas boards! Love playing around with paint, stamps, stencils and quotes or just a thought of myself.

Okay mom, happy now??
Thanks for stopping by again, and I'll try not to stay away so long!


scrappy jen d said...

Dearest Marjolein,
What a cuties these are!
Your mom will love it!
Nice that you did blog again!
Miss U, girl,

love, Jen.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Great that you're back. You've created wonderful pieces.

Kay said...

Hi, Marjolein, so glad I stopped by again today to catch your She Art! What a great way to celebrate US and the things we love! Also, wanted to tell you that I gave your blog a "plug" on my blog. Come see!

Fenny said...

Mom wil be very happy to see this Marjo. En ik ook, ze zijn stuk voor stuk geweldig mooi.

hugs fenny