Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips for a Fun & Safe Pontoon Adventure

A pontoon boat is a flat boat that rests atop pontoons and its flotation devices have enough buoyancy to float a heavy load. Pontoon boats, however, don’t just float. They are often equipped with substantial engines, and thus require a boat license to operate legally.
The reason why pontoon boats are so popular in Canada and elsewhere- is that in terms of owning, leasing and insuring them, they are extremely low cost. They are also convenient, comfortable and spacious, which makes them a perfect family choice for both fishing and pleasure boating.

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Tips for a Safe Pontoon AdventureAchieving your boat license has prepared you to operate a standard motorized watercraft, but pontoons handle quite differently, so take the necessary precautions. The following tips are a good start: Avoid piloting a pontoon boat in rough waters and inclement water. Monitor the weather, and react to potential bad weather immediately. If the weather is unavoidable, slow down as much as possible and trim weight aft.


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