Monday, July 05, 2010

Georgina Island

Friday July 2nd we left for a long weekend stay at Georgina Island, which is in Lake Simcoe. The drive was not too long, about 3.5 hours, and when we arrived at Virginia Beach we even had to wait for the ferry.

The view was nice, so....... take some pictures......

And, as we were on our way, the Dutch soccer team was trying to beat Brazil...... and we were cheering them on, wearing orange shirts and a flag on our car! So much fun if you run into other Dutch people, and honk the horn LOL
But eventhough we were not able to watch the game, we were very happy one of us had a Blackberry so we could keep track of the score...... I think while we were waiting it was 1-1....... so exciting!
(When we arrived at the cottage we watched the last 10 min. and my gosh........THEY WON!!! the Dutch beat Brazil, awesome!!)

Yes, the ferry!!! Another 15 min. on the boat and we were there!

Our cottage for the weekend! A nice porche at the front, 5 bedrooms, 2 bath's, 2 livingrooms, large kitchen...... we had a great time!

Out for a walk, eventhough it was really hot...... being at the water gave us some relief.... you can see how happy Henk and Anouk were with that ha, ha!
It was a short stay, but we had fun, relaxed and enjoyed the weather and each others company...... so happy to be off today though..... poor Henk and Marloes, they have to work.....and it is very very warm here..... temperatures are over 30 C but it feels like about 43 C.........
Ok, I love Summer, but this....... so glad we have airconditioning!!
Thanks for stopping by again!


Marijke's stamping creations said...

wauwwww, dát ziet er goed uit, leuk huisje ook ennu...... lekker aan het water, helemaal geweldig.

Je@net said...

Wow, dat ziet er toppie uit zeg!! Jullie hebben je ondanks de warmte prima vermaakt zo te zien!

Riet said...

Wat een prachtige foto,s Marjolein,jullie vermaken je wel.

Liefs Riet.x

Janny said...

Zo, dat ziet er super uit!