Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 24 weekend!

At the moment it is the most gorgeous Summer weather here, temperatures around 30 degrees Celcius and kind of humid....... that has been for about 4 days in a row now, very nice, but yesterday and today it was a little too much!

So, I made this funny 4x4, image by Jennifer Garant, and again, used gesso and acrylic paint and had a lot of fun!

And we had a long weekend, May 24 was late Queen Victoria's birthday, and that is a Holiday here, so....... we enjoyed the weather, spent 2 days outside and bought some plants!

Like this gorgeous rhododendron, and a very lovely Silver Willow. Also some annuals which will start blooming very nicely in a little while!
Just love to sit outside and enjoy all these great colors...... great weather, each other...... cup of, live is good!


Marijke's stamping creations said...
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Marijke's stamping creations said...

looks very good and please, if you have só much sunshine, send some over to Holland, hahaha and about the 4x4, again it's gorgeous and really love the images of Jennifer

scrappy jen d said...

I love the colors of the flowers/ plants in your yard sweetie!
Nice card, too!
Love, Jen.

Micayla said...

Hooray for the lovely weather, so glad you are getting outside and planting. I really enjoy getting messy in the garden but looks like rain for most of the weekend for me. So perhaps a little scrapping or sewing is in order.
Love the photos, such gorgeous colours Missus and the 4x4 is rocking again!!!
Have a lovely weekend.