Thursday, January 22, 2009


After a very busy workweek last week and a sort of flue attack over the weekend, I'm finally back on track! I did some scrappin' this week, but I can't show you anything, you have to wait till Feb. 1st. and stop by at WijDUS, to see what I made!

Because I had to work all week, I coulnd't participate in the COL at the Dutch Freestyle group, and I wanted to do that last weekend, but..... no way.... so, finally today I found time and sat down!

There were 3 options to choose from, 2008 in review, a layout with clothing labels/tags or mixed media. Well, I choose for a review of 2008 and had fun!


I ordered a 5x8 picture on which I had a lot of small pictures, cut them out, and made this layout! It has some of the most important things/highlights for me on it..... actually I had a lot more pictures, but it didn't fit and I didn't wanna make a spread!

I used foam and my Sidekick and an alphabet (Boxed Brush) to make my own thickers, a skeleton stamp I got from my girlfriend Linda, even as the Helly Kitty stickers and sort of "shakerbox" and a small piece of tape I got from my girlfriend Jacqueline! The labels are just plain report cover labels from the Dollarama and I wrote with a Sharpie pen.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to show you some more the next time!


Anonymous said...

Hij is echt harstikke leuk geworden en een prachtige herinnering aan 2008

groetjes, Andrea

Riet said...

wat heb je dat prachtig gemaakt Marjolein.

liefs Riet.

Birgit said...

Leuk dat jaaroverzicht! Ben zelf ook wel van de overzichten ;)
En ik ben erg benieuwd wat jullie allemaal gemaakt hebben voor WijDUS!

Anonymous said...

Super Marjolein, ik ga hem ook nog maken;)
groetjes, Carla

Je@net said...

Leuk idee zo'n overzicht, sis!!

Maria Jesus said...

very nice Marjolein :)
I like hello kitty, it's a cute design.

You have two awards in my blog :)


Eva said...

leuk overzicht!
en ik ben zo blij dat ik je blog weer mag zien:)

Elly said...

Leuke spullies had je van de meiden gekregen, staat echt hardstikke gaaf op je lootje!
Jullie nieuwe challengeblog klinkt ook veelbelovend, kom zeker kijken als het officieel in de lucht is!

scrappy jen d said...

Gaaf zo'n overzicht van het jaar!
Leuk gemaakt!
Groetjes, Jen.

Peggy said...

Hoi Marjolein, lekker van het weekend aan het genieten? Kwam effies langs om je te vertellen dat je bent getagged op mijn blog :) Groetjes, Peggy

Toronto realtor said...

Very cute blog, I like your works! I hope you like it here, despite the weather conditions!
Take care and good luck!
Elli, Toronto

Paula said...

Love the highlights page. It is good to be able to look back on happy times. The weather is so dull, grey & miserable I wish I could sleep until summer. Everyone is poorly & Im still trying my hardest to fight all the germs off!! Hope you are feeling well soon. The moment you catch something everything else trys to attack you. Plenty of rest is what you need.x