Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Paper'08 #16 and Category Stories

Tell me, what is inspiring you this week?
Where do you draw your inspiration? What helps you get in the mood to make or do something? What do you see, or hear, or taste, or touch, or smell that makes you think?

That's the new operation at Elises Paper'08 challenge!

Great idea, cause there are so many things we get inspiration from, it's a good thing to put them in writing! I used the normal stuff, Bazzill, Provo Craft papers, flower, button, my new sawingmachine!!!!! and I found that cute little bird stamp last Saturday and just had to have it!

Next is Category Stories, they came up with a new challenge yesterday and I got to scrap now, who knows how much time I've got left once I start my new job!!
Anyway, the new challenge, here's what they say on the blog!
SHOES - what are they to you? Do you love wearing them, loathe shopping for them, or fall over in pure bliss when you find that most fab pair of sliver ballet flats with the cute leather detailing and buckle on the side.......(ok, um, that last one may have just been me...*ha*)

Yes I know, as always a detailed picture, but I like them so much!!

Honestly, I don't have that much going on with shoes, it is that I have to have them, but being thrilled to shop for shoes...... no way! Don't even have that many but I desperately need new ones...... so I'm afraid I have to shop..... And because I don't like shoe shopping, sometimes stupid things happen, like what this layout is about....


I totally stepped out of my comfort zone here, went freestyle like I've never done before, I like it, but have to get used to it I think.... although it was done pretty fast!

Very old Doodlebug papers are used for this one, I guess these are the first scrapbook papers I've ever bought. (yes, I know, I keep everything!)

But going through all those old papers, I thought this was a nice combination! The idea for the layout came this morning when I saw some inspiration on a yahoogroup I'm a member of Dutch Freestyle group I did not completely lift it, stayed a bit on the save site, but it's a start!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love it!beautiful!
dx Maaike

linda loe said...

oh he looks great I am proud of you you are a good memeber of our group :-)

Anonymous said...

Super cute!


scrappy jen d said...

Dear Marjo,

I like the paper challenge page very much!
So cute.....I have the same little birdy stamp! Got it in februari in Doorn!
Like the LO!!!! Good work!

Ingen said...

Gaaf LO-tje Marjolein :D

michelle said...

I love shoes! I had to get rid of all of mine when I had my oldest son since my foot grew! So I know what your feeling! very cute pages.

lee @ category stories said...

Hey I love your shoe page, and I totally have a pair of shoes I can't bear to part with even though they dont fit anymore.
Thanks so much for joining in the Category Stories challenge.
Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did it girl!! This LO is very freestyle and I like it very much:) Well done!!

Gr. Jacq

Je@net said...

Wauw sis, wat een super gave lo!!! Vind 'm echt helemaal leuk (net als de laarzen trouwens ;-)
En je PA pagina is ook weer helemaal top!!

happydays525 said...

That little bird stamp is so cute!

Sarah said...

so so cute! I also have shoes I cant wear but cant seem to get rid of.

Thanks for playing with us at CS.

KhrisW said...

Perhaps all of us should clean out our closets? Ha ha.

I love your layout, the white paper and your sketching is wonderful!

Elly said...

Die kleine birdie is way too cute!!! En je l.o. is fantastisch!!! En die tekst erbij, helemaal geweldig!

Lis said...

Wonderful page, love the birdy stamp!!

M@risk@ said...

Prachtige pagina voor de Paper challenge, schattig vogeltje ook. Super als dit je eerste freestyle is? Bedankt voor je compliment voor mijn DT plekje bij Page Plans.

mary said...

love zig zags on the inspiration page (very impressed you thought to use your sewing machine!) and the boots are awesome (any chance they might fit again?)

brigitte from australia said...

ouhhh your sneak peak looks intriguing !! can't wait to see it in full !!
Hugs from australia ;)

Katz said...

ow, wat is dit prachtig zeg! ik denk dat ik me aan zoiets wel een keertje durf te wagen ;-)

enne ... heeeeeeeel herkenbaar verhaal ... hahaha