Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Paper Adventure '08 #15

I cannot believe we have made it THIS FAR without a food related page. Because what is the ONE THING we have all been doing every single day for the last 98 days?
Food is fuel, yes, but it is also entertainment. And interesting. It can be very complex or very simple. It is a part of every single day.
So, tell me: What is for dinner tonight?

That's Elise's operation for this week...... well.... nothing special today!!

Some Provo Craft and Doodlebug stickers for the title (don't you hate that, when you run out of stickers?? Well I do.... my pink ones are almost used up..)

Some bling, a ribbon, an office clip and datestamp and my page was done! Wanna know what's for dinner tonight? (or it might be another day this week you read this, anyway..... today's Tuesday and this is my menu!) Click on the page please!!


michelle said...

MMM.. love some crock pot meals.. I'm still eating my Jenny Craig... your meal sounds way better.

scrappy jen d said...


Hope to enjoy a meal with you in future!
Perhaps even some more then only one!
Like the bling on the page and the black and pink does look so very well!
Enjoy FOOD! It's more then fuel, right????

Shell said...

Once again another cool page!

p.s. Totally LOVE your new scrapping space!!! That pink looks fab!!

Busybel said...

well that sounds yummy to me! I love the slow cooker too!
Isn't it funny that your aunt lives in Adelaide! We have a saying here that living in Adelaide is like 6 degrees of separation - everyone would know someone who knows someone else. ANd it has come true again!
ANd also my husband's family is from Holland - Bergen op Zoom (well his grandmother's family lived there). A place we would very much like to visit one day.

Paula said...

I lived "out of my slo cooker" until I had to lose weight. I like bunging all the stuff in & going to work coming home to a meal just when I need it with minimal washing up! Now Im losing weight I get calorie controlled meals so I can add veg to check what I eat. I only have 4lb to go & Im done.
You are doing well with these pages, I will eventually get them done I wish I had never picked such a large format as I really haven't the time to do it when Ive done a 7 hour day at work.

Je@net said...

Yummie! Great page sis!!

Elly said...

Ik hou helemaal niet van koken, en dat vind ik eigenlijk best wel jammer! Je kaartje is weer super, wat zal het een mooi boekje worden inmiddels! (En nog steeds zonder foto's, knap hoor!)

linda loe said...

Hij is weer leuk geworden en ben beniuwed wat je hebt gegeten of gaat eten??? Iets met Hamburgers???

SCRAP-GEK! said...

super gedaan weer joh! wauw! groetjes marije.

Natascha said...

Leuke letters, mooi gedaan.

mary said...

sounds totally YUM! and a pretty pink page too. love it!

Lis said...

I love all you pages without photos, think thats so hard to do. This week is no exception, love the doodling.