Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Got MoJo#11 and Paper Aventure'08

The Got Mojo Girls continued their Dr. Seuss theme and this time you had to use one of the quotes they have on their site and you could use one of the bookcovers as sketch or inspiration for you layout. I think everybody liked one of the quotes so much, you see it almost everywhere and yes.... so did I!

If I've used one of the book covers, no clue, I just sat down and did something I liked,..... so, maybe I'm disqualified now.... I don't mind, I had fun! The picture is old (2006) the papers are old (BG Lollipop), but I still like those, so why not use them! Picture is really silly, the journaling explains it!


I also used some felt flowers and blingbling I got from 2 friends in Holland and finally one of the journaling spots I bought a while ago, great stuff that is!


SPRING is the new Paper'08 operation for this week! Elise would like for us to share our opinions about spring, well, that wasn't so hard!

I started with a ribbon flower for which I read the tutorial in the newsletter of Lifetime Moments I got in the mail this morning! That was fun to do, and if you use wider and shorter length of ribbon you will get a more pleated look. The size I used was about 17" and about half an inch wide, so this flower is kind of bulky, but I really like how it came out!


I actually start to like it, had my doubts last week, but I got such nice comments from all of you,... that gave me a sort of "support" to go on with it. It's becoming kind of a weekly diary with my thoughts about a certain topic.


At the moment I don't post that often, that has to do with the fact that I'm pretty busy painting. Anouk and I decided to change rooms, so my scraproom is going to be larger and she's closer to the livingroom, which she likes better! I wanted pink... so I bought pink... and it's really, really PINK...... I think I'm scrappin' in Candy Town in a couple of days (if DH is willing to change all the shelves and stuff and leave the bathroom downstairs alone for a bit he, he!) Yesterday night he was such a dear and painted the last wall that desperately needed a second layer, so now I'm going to clean things up there. There's still a desk in the room, that has to go to the basement for a while, and as I'm "home alone" that has to wait till tonight! So, it might be that I'm not online for a day..... or two..... hopefully not, but then you'll know where I am!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Mazina said...

Leuk lootje, en die ribbon flower is geweldig! Leuke ticker ook, over het naar Nederland gaan.


scrappy jen d said...

Dear Marjo,

I try again!
Second time....But that's ok.
I just love your ribbon flower! And the photo might be "old'just as the BG, but it is a GREAT LO!
Just a wonderful job!
I believe in fashion: just with clothes....All the "old"things will come back and will get HIP again!
I just LOVE the roses! Also an ol'BG???
Never saw it anywhere!
LOVELY, though!

Hugs, Jen

2H Design said...

Great ribbon flower!

michelle said...

i love how your pages came out. I'm loving the flowery papers and that ribbon flower is so cool.. thanks for sharing the link.

Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Mooi weer wat je hebt gemaakt!
Ben erg benieuwd naar je PINK room! Fotoooo's!

Elly said...

Hahaha, wat een leuke foto!!! En stoer dat je 'em hebt gebruikt voor een lo! Hij is weer superleuk geworden, dat papier van BG blijft gewoon altijd goed! En die bloem die je gemaakt hebt.... wauw, die is ├ęcht gaaf!!!
Succes nog met je scraproom!

Je@net said...

Wow sis, your page looks great! Just love that ribbon flower. Gonna give it a try too!!
Your mojo lo is also great! Love that silly picture of you ;-)
Hi, hi, can't wait to see your new candyroom....euh scraproom! LOL

EliseBlaha said...

looks good. love that ribbon flower!

Paula said...

Really great page, love the paper.
I have so lost my way on the paper 08. Had planned to catch up this weekend but I am suffering with eye strain & it has caused me no end of problems. I did get my commissions completed by staying off the computer & I have also nearly completed 3 layouts I needed a change!!
I spent all alst week off chalenges so i could rest & enjoy my birthday.

Marie said...

The colors are beautiful! Love that torn edge and the pic is great! Wonderful job!
Thanks for playing!

micayla said...

Yay love the layout missus, that pic totally makes it!
Thanks for playing along

Christa said...

Inderdaad een leuke quote. Mooie LO en dat BG Lollipop vind ik ook nog steeds mooi (beter dan wat ze nu maken als je het mij vraagt...). Dat boekje wordt ook leuk en die bloem... moet ik toch ook eens gaan proberen, zo leuk!

eliane said...

wat een leuke dingen maak je weer. Die Lo en die leuke bloem op je PA08.
Laat je ook foto's zien van je nieuwe candyshop ....ehhhh room ???

lauren said...

i'm always excited to see other ppl using my "old faves"--i LOVE pretty much alllllll of basic grey, but lollipop shoppe is particularly cool and SO versatile...as i think you have amply proved here! :)

LOVE your PA page...yet again...i think the way you have set such narrow limits is brilliant. a whole year to focus on your thoughts and your writing? awesome! (you realize of course that someday your girls are going to FIGHT over who gets this?! but...you know...in a GOOD way! lol)

Natascha Paelinckx said...

Leuke en fleurige pagina van 'Spring'!
Tof lettertype.

shelly b said...

that LO is really great!!

Lis said...

Fantastic PA page, love the flower. I love that Dr Seuss quote, I have that done up on a ATC card above my monitor!

~Nancy~ said...

Ooww..your new creations are awesome girlie! WOOW!! So cool.. especially the first one with the felt flowers!!!!!

scrappermimi said...

Your flower is beautiful and so is your LO, love the paper old or not, it still looks great!

Enjoy your new room!

Mireille said...

Prachtige layout! Straks helemaal gesettled in een nieuwe scapkamer. Gaaf hoor!

mary said...

what fun - love the layouts (basic grey is my favorite and i will love every piece i have forever, too!) can't wait to see the candy scrap room too!

Christina C. said...

this is so great. I love how you used felt here. It's very fun.

thank you for playing along with us!


Michelle said...

Cute page!! Thanks for playing along with us! =)

Lindsay said...

Such a lovely take on the Mojo challenge! I love the colors! Thanks for playing along!

Kristi said...

Super love the way you journal spotted the quote! Very cool! Thanks for playing with us at ScrapMojo!

Michelle said...

Love the colors on your mojo lo. Thanks for playing!
Michelle (MJ)
Scrap Mojo

Melissa said...

Beautiful colors on the mojo layout!!
Thanks for playing along!