Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paper Adventure '08 #9 and COL

Take it or leave it......

(No seriously, take this operation or leave it.)
Advice. The "you should..."'s and the "I wish someone would have told me...."'s. We inadvertently give and receive advice all day every day. Most interactions between any two people involve some form of suggestion.
So this week, document a piece of advice.
Advice you took. Advice you did not take. Advice you should have took. Advice you gave. Advice you wish you could have gave. Think big, think little. Think wardrobe, think new career.
Please just think. And write. I recommend it.

That's Elise's Operation for this week, and it can be a pretty hard one!

But, I took it, and wrote about it, as I do on all the Operations.

It is funny actually, I just took my own experience with getting advice about one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. A lot of my operations come down to our move to Canada, and believe it, I really needed lots of advice about that!

(the page is a bit larger so you'll be able to read the journaling)

Then after lunch, I joined the COL (crop on line) with other members of the Dutch Freestyle group. That was fun! You had 2 choices, either do something really freestyle with a house, or lift a layout with specific colors, this time, black and white. That's really something for me, this was the layout we could lift;

This was what I started with;

And this is how it turned out;

And here's the story that goes with it! Last Saturday, Anouk, my youngest, had polished her nails black and white! In the afternoon she got a haircut and showed her nails to Amy, the hairdresser. She suggested that she'd make POLKA-DOT NAILS and.... so she did! I just had to take pictures of it, and Anouk sat patiently with her hands in front of her!

Then later that day, or Sunday, I forgot, one of the members of the Freestyle group showed the black and white lift layout!!! That was just too good to be true, I had to lift that one! So thanks Jacq, I had so much fun with it!


Je@net said...

Wow sis, how great!! PA is gorgous and your layout is sooo beautiful!! Well done girl!!

SCRAP-GEK! said...

ooooh wauw...wat een prachtige dingen heb je toch weer gemaakt meid! die LO...schoking mooi hoor! gaaf! groetjes marije.

D@nielle said...

lekker therapeutisch om dingen op papier te kunnen zetten. mooie lo !

Lis said...

Love your PA layout, and that layout is just stunning!

eliane said...

super die zwart wit LO ! IK wil ' em wel liften ! mag dat ..:)) ?
Yasmine vind de nagels ook het einde.

EliseBlaha said...

good thoughts, great page.

Kristi-Anna said...

WOW! That is an amazing b/w layout!! I LOVE IT!! I should try lifting a version to use all the multitudes of flowers I have on hand!! :D


Shell said...

Great idea on this weeks operation!!! I've finally done 4 & 5 :D LOVE your b&w layout!!! Might have to borrow that idea LOL

micayla said...

Gee you have been busy, look at all the eye candy!

M@risk@ said...

Prachtige zwart/wit layout en zoveel kleine details te zien. Ik vind het knap dat je voor je PA geen foto's gebruikt.

Elly said...

Ik had nog geen tijd gehad om even op je lo van de col te reageren, maar toen ik 'em voorbij zag komen dacht ik echt: WAUW! Hij is echt super!!!

Paula said...

Great paper08 page its hard Im not up to date with them yet. Had too many migraines 7 wound up off work. Im full of cold & that is the trigger. Ive done odd bits of work but so much has ended up i the bin!

Gorgeous layout!!! Fab girlie!!

lauren said...

oh wow, MARJOLEIN!!!!!!!!! i love your PA operation, as always, but that b&w LO!!! holy macaroni! that is so, sooooooo, *SO* cool!!! (of course, with such a MODEL...how could it NOT be great?!) :)

Esther said...

Love you LO
It really great.

Have a great weekend
Love, es

Mireille said...

Heel mooi hoe je zoiets op papier hebt gekregen! De layout is ook supergaaf!

jojoco said...

Jee Marjolein, wat heb je weer veel gemaakt, was al een tijdje niet langsgeweest.

Ik vind de zwartwitte lay out erg leuk! Hij knalt van het scherm af, en dat zonder kleur.

~Nancy~ said...

Ooww.. you've been busy again girlie!! Everything look so great! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!! (hope it will get a little warmer overthere too.. right now we're having a storm.. .ugh.. don't like that at all!) XOXO

mary said...

oh, another great PA page - thanks so much for sharing!

Birgit said...

Super, super gaaf!!!

scrappy jen d said...


Just had to see your blog!
LOVELY that black and white!
Great job! JUST LOVE IT!
LIKE THE PINK in your PAPER challenge too.



linda loe said...

Waow the black and with is supercool.