Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paper Adventure '08 #5

Finally a new post! I had my reasons, since last Friday I'm just not feeling too good. Fever, sinusis are stuffed, feel swollen, but aren't.... So, I have been hanging on the couch for about 4 days and I've just had it! Today I had to do something, the weather outside is terrible, freezing cold, -24 C. is the windchill, snow is blowing, kids have a day off, because of the schoolbusses that didn't drive this morning! Perfect day to try and get some crafting done.
As Elise had a new prompt yesterday, I sat down...... but it's not to my complete satisfaction.

Everyone is always trying to see The Big Picture. The Entire Map. The Whole Enchilada. And that is very important. Because it provides perspective and in many cases a sense of purpose.
But this week, switch it up and look at The Little Picture.
There are a couple ways to approach this. One way is to FIND a photo. Preferably one that you took, or someone you know took, but I suppose a random photo you pull from the internet may speak to you in the same way. Another way is to TAKE a photo. No matter how recent the photo or where it came from, it should be a Little Picture. A piece of something whole that speaks to you.

This is my take on it, I didn't use a photo, cause I want to make this book completely without any photos which is getting hard btw! (click on the picture for a larger image and to read the journaling)

This is the photo I'm talking about

And a little detailed picture!

And this is what we saw last Saterday in a tree across the street! A Falcon.. he/she was eating something but I don't wanna know what it was! Henk stapped outside and took this photo, he tried to get as close as possible, but than somebody had to close their car door and the bird flew away, too bad, but I think it turned out ok!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!
(and I'll try not to wait that long with my next post!)


Deborah said...

Hello Marjolein, hope you're feeling better. Love what you're doing with the Paper Adventures '08journal and can understand how hard it is not to use any photos :)

Je@net said...

Wow, fab page sis and that without a picture! Great job!!
Hope you feel better soon!!

Lis said...

Great page your doing so well not using photos :)
Hope that your feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

he marjolein wat mooi zeg zo'n vogel in je tuin!! super !! en heerlijk voor jullie dat je even terug komt naar nederland!!!
henk had het al verteld maar ja we zouden niets zeggen toch??? haha
groetjes jannie

Paula said...

Hope you are feeling well very soon, not nice. But as its so cold out you are best on the sofa in the warm.
Great page. Love the colours.
I dont want to use photos either but this photo is of my BIL on the first holiday the 3 of us took together. It hold very special memories & is worthy of the page.

linda loe said...

Mooi gedaanen knap zo zonder foto
Ik vond je al zo vreselijk stil nu weet ik waarom.
doe je nog mee met de COL vanavond ??

Mireille said...

Gezellig dat je weer terug bent...heb ik weer lekker wat te lezen en te bekijken! ;-)

SCRAP-GEK! said...

ik hoop dat je je weer beter pagina ziet er gaaf uit joh....en dat zonder foto! toppie! groetjes marije,

Kristi said...

Hi, Marjolein -

Love the colors and trim and buttons and that cute pink ticket -- it's all great! Get well soon and have a great weekend.

EliseBlaha said...

glad you like the prompt! looks great.

Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Fijn dat je weer 'online' bent! Ik heb hetzelfde, en de kids ook. We lopen al de hele week te kwakkelen. BAH!! Hate feeling sick!!


Michelle said...

...thanks for stopping by my lil blog! =) Not very often I find a fellow Canadian in blog the photos you have posted!

M@risk@ said...

I think you do a wonderful job about the PA without pictures. Have a nice weekend.

lauren said...

i love the way you're doing PA in *words* only! and you're doing it so well--i don't even think you NEED pictures! (tho of course i am happy to see the dragonfly one here, as a sort of bonus!)

ps: hope you're feeling better! get well soon!

scrappy jen d said...

Lieve Marjo,

Wat gaat dat toch een leuk jaar-projectje worden!
Misschien ga ik ook nog overstag!
Vooral in dit woelige jaar misschien wel heel erg goed voor later om alle gevoelens en onzekerheden vast te leggen!
Blij, dat je weer aan de slag bent en hopelijk voel je je snel weer de OUDE!

Liefs, Jen.

Paule said...

Hi Marjolein,
ik ben lang niet langs geweest:-( foei ik weet het.
Ik zie dat je weer een leuk project hebt voor het komende jaar
Ik was zelf al met een boek begonnen:
pieces of my life!
Door pc en printer problemen heb ik al 2 weken niks kunnen doen en helaas is de pc ook nog niet terug en moet ik me redden met een laptop zonder printer:-(
Maar goed, je hebt weer hele mooie dingen gemaakt!
Enne, beterschap!!!!

happydays525 said...

Love your photos Marjolein! Hope you're feeling better soon too!

Elly said...

Leuke page heb je weer gemaakt, ik blijf het knap van je vinden om ze toch zo leuk te krijgen zonder foto's! Die foto van de valk is ook erg "scrappable", mooi hoor!
En voel je je alweer een stukje beter? Vervelend hoor! Ik zit nu ook met een wat "wattig" gevoel in m'n hoofd, hopelijk blijft het daarbij! Nou ja, met dit weer zit het er natuurlijk wel dik in om een virusje op te pikken! Fijn weekend!

Mireille said...

goh meis! Prachtige projectje en geweldige foto's. Vind je Tickers ook super =D

Alette said...

Het is behoorlijk koud bij jullie dus. Blijf maar lekker binnen met die kou anders raak je nooit van je verkoudheid af.
Verder alles goed bij jullie? BEn zo'n tijd niet langs geweest, sorry

gr Alette

Shell said...

Love that photo! I'm really enjoying the way your doing each prompt... very cool... but can imagine that it is really difficult without adding photos. I've finally gotten around to starting my journal for this one... done the cover and put it on my blog for you to check out :) Hope you're feeling heaps better soon!!! We're all sweating in the heat over here LOL

dawn said...

Sorry you're not feeling in tip top condition hun - hope you're soon on the mend. Absolutely stunning photo's!!! WOW

crafty_cupcake said...

that picture is breathtaking!
i want to commend you on the words only journal!
its shaping up to be great! You're doing such a good job!

Marlies said...

Hi, cute page, hope you feel better :)


scrappyToo ~Veerle said...

Hoi Marjolein,

mag ik even iets vragen...welke stempels zijn dat precies die ticketjes? Ik had er al eens naar gezocht maar kon ze niet vinden...