Tuesday, October 30, 2007

6x12, sneak and Smile Award!

This morning, at the Dutch Freestyle group, we emailed back and forth about 6x12 layouts, albums and so on, and than Linda came up with the idea to set up a challenge! Make a 6x12 layout! Well, I sure like that size, and had an idea immediately. I didn't make photos last night, but, I still had photos laying around somewhere from Halloween last year! Yeah..... I could use purple, my favorite color:-)) This one was done very quick and I love it!

Made a small edge with buttons by Doodlebug and stamped with Mixed font by Making Memories on different pp's. Traced the letters 2 times with my black Zig pen, cut them out, and stapled them on the cardstock.

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All the pp's are by K I Memories, ribbon from the Dollarama, as the clips are too! The person on the photo is by me, he he, that's my oldest DD Marloes, dressed as a hobo, and she had so much fun! So did I making this layout, loved the whole quick and fast concept this time, gotta do that more often!

I'm also still working on my Memories album, here some more sneaks!

To be continued some other time!


I went to check my big sisters blog this week, and found out that she had nominated me with a "You Make Me Smile Award"! Well, thanks so much sis, you make me smile too:-) and I'm very proud to receive this award.

Now I have to pass this through to other blogfriends who make me smile, well.... Mireille always has such nice stories to tell, she speaks for her children and in such a very nice way, I always have to smile while reading the posts! Francine, well, I guess a lot of you read her blog and know why she makes me smile! I also love to read Amy's blog, sometimes sad, sometimes funny.... just a nice blog to follow! Everyday I stop by Paula's blog, she's become such a nice blogfriend! And there are many many more, but I think this is enough! I sure hope you all read this, and put the award in a post on your blog!

Well, I think this is enough for one day! I'm going to read, another passion, and since I have the latest by Tess Gerritsen, The Bone Garden... I think I'm going to be quiet for the rest of the day!

TFL and enjoy the rest of this November 1st!


Mireille said...

awwww hon.. YOU make me smile!
Thanks so much.. I feel totally honored!
Thank you for the beautiful inspi!

dawn said...

hello my sweet :) love your close-ups, they're all looking delicious - hope you're OK and enjoying life :)

Paula said...

Great layout, fab colours. Gorgeous sneak peaks can't wait to see it.
thanks for the award. I have had this about 6 times now but blogger has been funny about me putting new things on my side bar.
Just lately I am getting total strangers jumping on my blog just to tag me & I am starting to get quite fed up.Can't they read the posts first & see I already did it!!

Scrapanimal said...

LOve the lo you have make. Your style is so great to look at.

love Simone

Elly said...

Hé, je lijkt Overtoom wel, wat had je deze snel af zeg! Nou weet ik het zeker: volgend jaar maak ik ook Halloweenfoto's, wat kun je daar een leuke lootjes mee maken zeg, deze is ook weer geweldig!
Oh ja, die stempel die ik gebruikt heb op m'n laatste lootje was inderdaad van AL.
Hoe gaat het met je solliciaties????

Je@net said...

Gave lo sis!! Vind het ook zo'n leuke maat om op te werken!
En je memorie album gaat er errug mooi uitzien!! De sneak is in elk geval prachtig!!

michelle said...

this is a great award and you are so awesome and totally deserve it.