Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sometimes, I just love the fact I'm home all day, because I have plenty of time to scrap!! And this just had to be finished, is! It had to be, since my album is getting thicker and thicker and the layouts don't fit anymore. But.... when I go through all the pictures on the computer, and want to keep scrappin' them. So I guess I'm just going to print them and use them on a 12x12" layout.... would be so nice!!
Yes, I got purple ribbons!! Love purple.....why? No clue..... but when I needed them, I didn't have them and the Dollarama did, so now, they're mine!!

Just a silly photo of Henk and me.... but it is one of the both of us, so, had to be in the album!

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I saw this somewhere, but don't remember where it was, but the thought of stapling flowers looked so cool, no fussing with brads or eyelets, just a simple staple and it looks nice!!

The next one, I know, is the 4th of this design, can't help it, the paper is gorgeous, the design is too, so..... had to do it!

My guy...... need I say more???

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Another detail........journaling isn't that personal, so .... here it is:-)

And one more, which is the last.....

A family portrait, without one member..... yes,!!

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One last detail photo, the flowers, almost on every layout in this album, as the ribbons, start to love these more and more!

And now..... I feel kind of weird..... a project finished and I have to say, don't like it at all. Ah well, have to think of another project now!! First....... I have to clean up the enormous mess on my desk, it is bad.... really bad...... After that, I'm gonna work on something I can't talk about yet, but..... just keep watching this blog...... say.......mid October?


Je@net said...

Yeah, you did it sis!! What a great job! And they all look gorgeous!! You must be a proud girl when you look at your album!!

Mireille said...

wow.. I sure miss to scrap now.. it simply isnćt working. Finished one mini however.. not too shabby.

Paula said...

Gorgeous pages, love the colours. I tend to staple or clip everything these days it really gives that industrial fab look doesn't it!
Im certain you'll find something else to scrap soon!!

Ice-Angel said...

This ones are also very pretty, you Go girl ;-)

Mireille said...

scrappen overdag??? hihihi
Mooie gedaan allemaal!!!

eliane said...

heel mooi gedaan hoor !! Lekker gevoel om iets af te hebben.

saffiertje said...

PRACHTIG! Love the paper!!!!!!

butterfly said...

Prachtig gedaan. Vooral dat paars gecombineerd met mooi papier.