Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to school, and more!

This is weird you know that? After 10 weeks of Summer holidays.... they are Back to School! Both nervous, both exited..... "which teacher do I have, am I in class with my best friend?" "I wonder how Math is gonna be......college level....." "Mom...... now you are alone again, don't you mind?" .... And to tell you the truth..... I do a bit.... it's quiet here.....
But, on the other hand, look at the positive site, no more fights over the computer, no more loud TV, no more....... noices...... just me!!!!!!!! Completely utterly ME!!!!!!! Hey, it's strange, but, nice too! Think I'm gonna enjoy this first day of being "Home Alone"!!


Last Sunday and yesterday it was scrappy time again! Used my new stamp!! The color is a bit light, didn't want to use black, but it looks so nice!

Scary isn't it, and they weren't even afraid:-)

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Again I used the same sketch, but with bright colored papers now, and that makes it look completely different from the ones I did before!

This one I did yesterday..... love this paper.....almost ran out of it.... but found a long strip I could use, and was enough! Love those clips by Rob and Bob... and the ribbon too!

Sometimes you find the most wonderful views walking around town......

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I used letterstamps by Alnight Media, love that open texture of the letters!

Enjoy your day and thanks for looking! There is still more to come of my trip LO's but...... I'm almost done!


Je@net said...

Wish the girls good luck and enjoy your first home alone day sis ;-)

And your layouts are awesome...as always!!

Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Ben benieuwd hoe je eerste dagje alleen is bevallen. Mijn kids zijn alweer even terug op school en het is
toch altijd even wennen, maar dan is het heeeeeeeeeeerlijk die stilte in huis :-)
Mooie lo's heb je gemaakt!!

scrapgek!!!!!! said...

en hoe is je eerste dagje na de vakantie weer alleen bevallen? je hebt mooie lo's gescrapt hoor! gaaf! groetjes marije.