Thursday, September 06, 2007

Amazing and sneakpeek!

I'm almost done with our trip album, just a couple of more photo's.... and then what? Geez, gotta find a new project of scrap other photo's still laying around.... Must be weird, being finished with this, I've been doing this for the last month or so I think!

Little detail, because, if you don't have the stamp, you just make one yourself! So happy that there are a lot of fontsites on the www, so I downloaded a barcode font and made my very own stamp! (and you can make it in what ever color or size you want, aren't computers the best??)

Just some wild flowers, growing between the rocks at the riverbanks..... beautiful.... amazing!

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The next thing I like or at least, start to like, photoswaps! You find them everywhere, and I loved the whole idea of it, so....... Jeanet and I decided to start one, just sent a photo by email, and the LO by snailmail!
We agreed to start this week, so I had to keep that promise and guess what? IT'S DONE SIS!!! Here's just a little sneakypeek to make you curious..... can't wait to see what she's made with the photo I've sent her..... but she still has to start:-(( Hopefully we can send them on their long journey next week!!

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


dawn said...

Good morning my sweet - gorgeous work from you as usual and I love the 'daily routine' LO - love the everyday stff :)

Apologies for being a very bad blogger, I am all set tp change that LOL ... have a great weekend

Je@net said...

Aaaah, what a lovely sneak.....makes me very curious!!

Eminepala said...

Now Im SOOOO CURIOUS. I bet jeanet will show it on her blog proudly ;)

Love your layout girlie


Paula said...

This is beautiful. Love your colours & patterns.

I am most certainly thrilled to be a Guest Designer at the minute for the DCM blog. I have only missed two challenges in a year! So Im chuffed to be asked.

Meanwhile I am beavering away on my AAE Day in my Life layout, I have picked a cool concept just hope it works!!!

Elly said...

En ben je al in een gat gevallen????? Volgens mij heb je nog véél meer te scrappen (en om aan ons te laten zien natuurlijk!)
Het is weer gaaf Marjolein!
Oh ja, vind je het goed als ik jouw link op m'n blog zet?

Mireille said...

Dit is echt heel erg mooi!