Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our Holiday!

Just to warn you, this is gonna be a long post, with lots of pic's!

Sunday we left at about 9 am and started the day as all Canadians do, go to Tim Hortons and get coffee!

From Brantford we went to Guelph, and had a stop in Fergus, cause we all had to.....youknowwhat!

Yes, I was there too!
This is Mount Forest, that's what it says on the high building you see in the distance, but when you're driving, it's hard to take good pictures sometimes!En route to Owen Sound....... all of a sudden..... a wonderful view of Georgian Bay!
We drove into town, and found a park at the Bay, where I had to put my foot in the water, made myself a promise, put my foot in every lake in a long way to go!!!
We had lunch there too, nice, in the shade, and after about half an hour we drove further, we still had a long way to go!!

On the way to Barrie, we passed the Blue Mountains, where, in wintertime is a lot of snow, so a lot of ski areas too! Managed to get a shot of that through the window!

After an 8 hour drive, straight from Barrie to Bracebridge, we arrived at 5 pm and were pretty tired then. Didn't matter, we had a wonderful drive, really the Scenic Route, had great views and enjoyed it!! We had dinner at Swiss Chalet, man, that was really yummie!!! That chicken is sooooooo good!!!!

Back in the motel, everybody was flat out, and we called it a day!!!
Monday we went to Algonquin Provincial Park, well, just a little of it, because that's a very very large area if you wanna see it all! Just a view...... isn't it wonderful?

In the park are several lookouts, picnic area's or, like this, a great lake with all the water activities! This is Canoe Lake, and boy, were there a lot of people renting a canoe! Just for the day, but even for a week, making a whole trip along the many lakes, camping.... that must be a great experience! Henk and Marloes really wanted to do this, not for a week, just a day..... but, heroes as Anouk and me are..... no thanks! I know myself, one foot in the canoe, and the other decides to go in the water, me following, no way!

So, we just took some pictures, had lunch, and enjoyed the weather and the view.

On our way back, we passed Dwight Trading Post, an old Indian place, got icecream and yes, I had to take some pic's!

There are lots more, but...... than this is gonna be a real long post! Oh, and driving out of the park, we passed a MOOSE!!! Just standing besides the road.... and darn, I didn't have my camera ready and traffic wouldn't allow us to drive back, but that was so great!

We stopped in Huntsville, had a strawl down town, where the stores have cute signs!
As almost every town in this area, Huntsville is situated on a lake to, forgot the name, but we had a nice walk there and sat at the lake for a while.

Tuesday we walked around in Bracebridge, didn't do that much, because it was very very warm, actually it was " Feeling HOT HOT HOT" weather! So we took our time, and drank lots and lots of water!

After that we rented 2 paddleboats, had high hopes that the water would cool us off a bit..... Hopes were too high....... but we had fun though!

Muskoka River

After that exercise we had lunch at the motel and went back downtown to look at the falls at the dam. Took lots of pic's there and show you some here!

We had lots of fun, great weather, enjoyed eachother, and come back a day early. But..... we're still on holidays, so not much posts till next week I'm afraid!!


Je@net said...

Wat een gave foto's sis!! Zo te zien en te lezen, hebben jullie een paar heerlijke dagen gehad!! Fijn zo!!

Paula said...

Gorgeous photo. That waterwheel begs to be scrapped!!
Glad you had a fab time.

Francine said...

Wat woon je toch in een mooi land meid :-)

michelle said...

wow.. looks gorgeous! i couldn't imagine an 8 hr drive with my kids! but it looks way worth it/!

paule said...

Mooie foto's en leuk vakantie verslag!!!
En voor mij heel herkenbaar want ik ben er ook eens geweest:-)

Marjo said...

Leuk om te lezen hoe het is in Canada. En hoezo wilde je niet kano-en, je wil toch in elk meer je voet zetten ??? ;-))
En klagen als je niet alfkoelt van varen in een bootje.. je moet ook gewoon even omslaan, dan koel je vanzelf af!! (ai, heel flauw, natuurlijk, maar ik kan het even niet laten ;-))

Anonymous said...

Hey Marjolein

Zit even jullie vakantiekiekjes te bewonderen en zie dat jullie ook in Dwight zijn geweest, daar hebben wij ook 2 nachten doorgebracht, vlakbij die trading-dinges...
Grappig! Huntsville zijn we ook geweest, leuk om te herkennen!

Fijn weekend! groetjes Sandra