Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lots more.........

Ok, I know it looks like I haven't got anything else to do but scrappin'..... well..... I don't he, he..... Just kidding, of course I do, but that's that mind-numbing, dull, uninteresting housekeeping stuff! And I don't take photo's of that! So, those things happen in the early morning, and after that, it's ME time! And today, (Tuesday 28th) my MoJo was back, and I all of a sudden managed to make another LO for the trip album. Got still more pictures, so I hope you don't get tired of seeing these? No........ ok, thanks, then I'll just keep on going!
The Blue Mountains, passed them on the way, photo is again taken from the car! The journaling reads;
Imagine, driving along the road, seeing these wonderful mountains, now, green, trees in bloom, and in a couple of months this is a skiing area! I kept wondering how it would look like when this is completely covered in white, must be the most beautiful site! Maybe, we should go back in the wintertime, so we can have a look, and some of us, (definitely not me!!) can ski down that mountain.

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Still like the detailed pictures, so here's one more!

Let's hope tomorrow that MoJo's still hangin' around, so I'll be able to show some more in this post, instead of posting everyday!


So, now it's Wednesday, and YES MoJo was still here!! Managed to do another one, so time to post now!

This is downtown Bracebridge, the name placed in golden letters on a wall, had to take a photo ofcause! Loved the colors of this paper (BG Gypsy) because the blue and lilac came back in the photo too!

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And, as always, again a more detaild picture!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!


Je@net said...

You did it again sis....two beautiful layouts!!!

Elly said...

Tja, da's niet zo'n moeilijke keuze hè, scrappen of huishouden.... Jammergenoeg moet dat laatste wel (vaak!) gebeuren en het is nog zulk ondankbaar werk ook! Nee... dan scrappen... dan doe je tenminste wat nuttigs! Je hebt weer leuke lootjes gemaakt, met dit tempo heb je binnen no-time alle foto's gescrapt. Is je inspiratie weer terug gekomen?? Vast wel zo te zien!

Tristan said...

Your layouts are beautiful as always! Great job! To answer your question...Binki is another word for Pacifier for a baby. Its an american word I'm sure, but it is really spelled Binky, but I use an "i" instead of the "y" for marketing purposes. Have a lovely day!

Paula said...

Fabulous layouts, keep going while the mojo holds!
I finished my reincarnation last night. Gone for a quirky one, neded something fun after the dismal rubbish each day at work. I swear that is whats' dragging my mojo down!!

Mandy said...

Glad your mojo's back! You are on a roll again!