Thursday, July 26, 2007


"What dot you do to ESCAPE?" That's challenge #3 at the All About Eve blog! Loved it, and 2 things came in mind right away at the same time, "My Secret Escape" by Gwen Steffani, and..... reading!!! And because I found it kind of hard to scrap a song, I did the reading!
As a matter of fact, I so totally love to read! All my life, or at least from since I could read, I've had books laying all around. Every spare moment I grabbed a book and was gone from this earth! Didn't hear anything, just me, my book, and..... silence! Since we moved to Canada last year, something happened, I just could not find the peace and quiet to read, and that made me feel so miserable and lost and even a bit sad. Me, not reading, that's just not possible! Then my mom came for a visit last April, and, just like me, she loves to read. Guess you know what happened than? Right, I picked up reading again!!!!! So now, I'm a regular visitor of the library (which is free here btw!!) and when I need ME time to get away, or..... escape... I read!

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Two books by one of my favorite authors Joy Fielding are the latest I've read, so time for a new visit to the library!


Je@net said...

Great LO sis!!
And you know what they say: Great minds think alike!! LOLOL

Irene said...

This is adorable. I love the round layout.

Paula said...

Gorgeous page. Love the details.

Elly said...

Kom nou even bij jou op een bakkie hoor! Gave l.o. en vooral ook het verhaal erachter!
Oh ja, ik vind je blueberry puddingcake (zeg ik het goed?) er ook overheerlijk uitzien! Als ik het allemaal goed vertaald krijg, ga ik het zeker eens proberen!

Colleen said...

oh wow! this is so pretty and so unique!

Cindy said...

Wow ik vind 'm erg mooi Marjolein!
Voor mij is lezen ook favoriet !
Ken je de site van bookcrossing al?

Nat said...

Love your round layout!!! And reading is another escape for me too - love it!

Going For Greatness said...

love this! I love round layouts. Ahh.. reading always takes me away!

charlotte said...

Wonderful "escape" LO!! I love that it's a circle! Great colors and a great theme!!

I want to participate in this round too - I just have to print some photos! :)

Have a nice day!
~Charlotte in Denmark~