Monday, May 21, 2007

Nice day off!

Today is Victoria Day here in Canada, so everybody has the day off! Real nice, cause the weather was good, not warm, but just nice to be outside. The girls were out with friends, so "mom and dad" had the afternoon to themselves. So, we decided to go for a drive along the shore of Lake Erie, which is pretty stunning actually. This picture is taken in Port Rowan, the view of Lake Erie, and Long Point in the distance......
We drove further and ended up in Turkey Point, which has a pretty nice beach, so we got out of the car and enjoyed some fresh air.
A lot of people were in their boats already, looked pretty cool!
Just a shot, taken through some trees, if you go around the curve you see, you end up in Port Dover... enough nice places to go to this summer when the girls are off for 10 weeks summer holidays!

We had a good time, and when we came home we did some gardening, got some flowers from the neighbours which we planted, I cut down some branches of a rose bush.. well, the garden is going to look better day by day, and that's good, cause we love to sit outside and enjoy "nature in our backyard"!


Je@net said...

Wauw sis, dat zal een heerlijke dag geweest zijn! Weer 1 met een gouden randje!
Prachtige foto's joh!!

Francine said...

Wat een prachtige omgeving!

eliane said...

mooie plekjes zeg !! Het lijkt al wel zomer bij jullie !

jannie said...

wat een heerlijke foto's!! kan me voorstellen dat jullie genoten hebben en dat als de meiden vakantie hebben je er ook lekker naar toe kunt gaan!!en de tuin dat is ook fijn als je het ziet opknappen toch?