Monday, February 19, 2007

She slept in her basement bedroom!

Yes, last night she slept in her new bedroom in the basement, my oldest..... Finally, she was so happy. It's not done yet, but she couldn't care less, all excited the carpet was on the floor, walls were painted, she was in a rush, had to sleep there, not matter what! Well, I can understand it completely, 8 month's she shared a bedroom with her sister, and was so ready for her own.
It is kind of empty, but.... she can sleep! She took her bed apart upstairs, carried it to the basement part by part, made the bed, put a small table besides it, lamp, alarmclock, chair for her clothes, oh yeah, she needed this!

Seen from her bed, this is the other side of the room, with the door to the hallway. Nothing on the walls yet, but we've got time! She wants to go to the Dollarama, and have a look there, if she can find some nice stuff...... I guess she looks after her mom!

Henk still has some work to do, finish the closet, we're gonna hang a nice curtain in front of it, instead of a door, the door to the basement has to be put in, but hey, if she can sleep without all that, it's fine by me!

As you can see, someone else put her matras on the floor, cause she wanted to spend the night with her sister! I'm so curious.... where will they sleep most, alone, or together... they are so used to it now, that it's a bit strange to have your own bedroom all to yourself!
We've put some old curtains in front of the window, the window-frame has to be build too, so now she has darkness in her room. When it's done, I'll buy her new ones!


Je@net said...

Oooo, wat een heerlijk plekje is dit geworden!! Kan me voorstellen dat Marloes geen nacht langer kon wachten!!

=Marianne= said...

Kan me helemaal voorstellen dat het wachten lang genoeg is geweest. Geweldig toch dat ze er helemaal van geniet. En een heerlijk vooruitzicht om saampies mooie spulletjes te gaan zoeken om het helemaal af te maken.

sollie said...

amaai, de kamer is heel mooi geworden hoor. Ze zal er zeker met veel plezier slapen.
groetjes vanuit Belgiƫ, Isolde
Kom gerust ook eens langs op mijn blog.

eliane said...

super Marloes , lekker je eigen kamer ..............en nu dacht je alleen te kunnen slapen , komt je zusje toch nog mee ..:)) Kan me er wel iets bij voorstellen

paule said...

Ziet er goed uit, zo'n plekkie voor jezelf!
Al kan ik me voorstellen dat je zus je wel zal gaan missen:-)

jannie said...

heerlijk marloes!! leuk nog wat spulletjes uitzoeken en gezellig maken!! en ach je kan immers altijd lekker samen de slaapkamer delen als jullie er zin in hebben?? ook gezellig toch? groetjes jannie uit leeuwarden