Thursday, February 15, 2007

Birthday gifts!

First of all, I wanna thank everybody who sent me an email, ecard, or whatever for my birthday yesterday! It was really hartwarming to read all your wishes and the way you all understood how difficult it was, the first birthday in another country! But, the fact that the girls had a snowday, was great, I wasn't alone, we had fun cleaning up the driveway, and have sore backs now:-(

Ofcause my mom called, my mother in low, my brother, had a call from "my sis" Jeanet, which was a big surprise, I really liked it, thanks girl!!! I also Skyped with Eliane, bit later then we planned, cause my sister in law surprised me with a visit! She always has to work on Wednesday's but because of the weather she cancelled some appointments! So that was nice too! Eliane, was good talking to you again!! We should do that more often!!

Ok, than the gifts. I had my gift from Henk and the girls already in November, a brandnew digital camera!!!!!

I've had so much fun with it already, makes great pictures, much much better than the one I had. But...... yesterday the suprised me with a small Valentines gift, real cute!!

A basket with a cute little bear, holding a rose, and nice chocolates!! The sure are yummie!! My mom gave me bodylotion and a lipstick, so I had a good birthday! Friday evening we'll have family over for cake, icecream and......... who knows??? And yes, auch...... I'm 42 now.... that hurts:-)))


Tjeerd & Kiki said...

Happy Late Birthday!
Het klinkt allemaal erg gezellig, zeker zo'n eerste verjaardag ver van 'huis' valt soms niet mee.

mireille said...

Looks like you were spoiled to death!!! Unbelieveble!

*late bday hugs*

(and a moose tear for not being able to huggle you for real)

Ice-Angel said...

Glad you had such a nice birthday!! and you were really spoiled, nice cam!!!

Monique said...

Ohh, die camera heb ik ook en hij is fantastisch! Er zitten hele leuke standen op (die voor vuurwerk is leuk: dan kunnen ze bv sterretjes zwaaien en dan krijg je strepen)

Ook een prachtig Valentijnskado!! Leuk horo!

Groetjes Monique

Je@net said...

Zoooo, lekker verwend sis!! Fijn dat iedereen aan je gedacht heeft!!
En wat een lief Valentijncadeautje!!!

=Marianne= said...

Een beetje laat maar beter laat dan nooit :)
Hartstikke gefeliciteerd nog met je verjaardag, ik hoop dat je een onwijs leuke dag hebt gehad. Verder nog even de complimenten over je art-cards, ze zijn erg leuk. Hoe is het met de sneeuw daar?

Dawn said...

a very belated happy birthday - can't believe I forgot - hope you got all you wished for... and some :) xx